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Zodiac For Dogs

Zodiac For Dogs: What’s In The Stars For Your Pet?

Although most of the people won’t believe it but pet zodiac incur great effects on the personalities of our pets. Two pets from similar breed behave differently due to the difference in their zodiacs. If you possess a pet and don’t know what’s in the stars for your pet then you must take a look at this list of zodiac for dogs and determine the personality traits of your pet.

Aries (21st March to 20th April):

The pets belonging to the star of Aries are usually very strong-willed, full of confidence, and extremely passionate. They are also talented, smart, and love to play around with their masters. If you possess an Aries dog then it won’t be easy to deny anything to your dog. Aries are not very obedient pets but their masters must not mind their disobedience because otherwise they are very loyal.

Zodiac For Dogs

Taurus (21st April to 20th May):

Ruled by the beautiful planet of Venus, this star is basically associated with beauty and gentleness of a personality. Dogs related to this star are very strong willed and love to eat cake. If you possess a Taurus dog at your home then you might have seen your dog following its will. Taurus dogs do whatever they want to do. These dogs are basically shy and are not easily available to their masters but if they are in the mood then they show great love.

Gemini (21st May to 20th June):

Ruled by planet Mercury, this star depicts the intelligence of pets born under it. Pets born under the rule of Gemini contain the elements of negative and positive personalities in a balance. The Gemini dogs are known to be quite talented and easy-to-train. They are also very loving towards their masters and they don’t like to live alone.

Cancer (21st June to 20th July):

Ruled by Moon, this sign is basically depicted by a crab. If your dog is a Cancer then it will possess loving, caring and sweet nature. These dogs feel the need to be loved by their masters. They don’t like to go to alien places or meet alien people.

Leo (21st July to 20th August):

Ruled by the Sun, this star depicts a Lion. If your dog is born under the star of Leo then it might possess ruling qualities. Leo’s are usually hyperactive and love to do all the barking. Leo dogs love to win the centre stage.

Virgo (21st August to 20th September):

Again ruled by the Mercury, Virgo is basically the sign of a virgin. If you possess a dog of extremely calm nature then the great chances are that your dog is a Virgo because Virgo dogs are the calmest dogs.

Libra (21st September to 20th October):

These dogs are gentle, loving and sweet but they are not so easy to train due to their lack of interest in learning new things.

Scorpio (21st October to 20th November):

The pets born under this star are very strong-willed and always get what they want. They get stressed easily so they need to indulge into physical activities on routine basis.

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Sagittarius (21st November to 20th December):

These dogs easily fall prey to bullies because they have tender, sweet and soft nature. These dogs are also very loyal and optimistic.

Capricorn (21st December to 20th January):

These dogs have a special interest in physical activity. These dogs possess complicated but clean personality.

Aquarius (21st January to 20th February):

These dogs are highly intelligent but at the same time they are very un-predictive. Although they are loving but they love to lead an independent life.

Pisces (20th February to 20th March):

These dogs are very sweet so they search for peaceful environment. These dogs possess independent and calm nature.

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