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World’s most expensive Pet Expo took place in Russia!

Russia has also been actively participating in the pet industry. Recently, world’s greatest pet show was held in St. Petersburg in Russia. Various colorful pet exhibitions were held in this pet show that gathered almost thousands of spectators from the different parts of the city. This show was a big hit due to the collection of attractive pet demonstrations. Held on 19th, 20th and 21st of November, this show presented totally a different experience of pet industry.

Dog breed discussions were also organized in the Expo:

Almost 200 pet related companies participated from 19 different countries that demonstrated their area of expertise. Almost 30,000 professional experts attended this show in order to add their precious ideas to the Expo. The exhibition was held on a fairly large area as it covered almost 20,000sq.m.

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Various dog competitions were held where dogs revealed their hidden talents:

Almost all the unique topics related to the existence, grooming, health, trade, business, accessories of pets were discussed and demonstrated during the Expo. Spectators from various parts of the city also gained the chance to meet with highly experienced pet experts and veterinary doctors during the show. This Expo is famous for its rich history as the Expo has remained successful every year since 1993, when it was first held. Since its start, this Expo gained its high reputation due to the fact that it has been incorporated by leading business organizations and international pet Expos.

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Cat grooming discussions were also held during the Expo:

Known by the name of “ZooSphere”, this Expo received tremendous applause from its attendants and spectators. People were amazed to see highly organized pet grooming classes, discussions, thousands of business opportunities, and pet-related product innovations. If you have missed this great Pet Expo then be ready to attend the next one appearing on 24th, 25th and 26th of November, 2016.

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