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Cat neutering

Why Should We Not Perform Cat Neutering?

Cat neutering is a process of restricting the sexual activities of cats. It can be performed in both male and female cats effectively. It is a popular mean of controlling the birth of kittens nowadays however there are many other impacts of the process in cats and at our domestic and social world too. Desexing the cats can induce many other problems regarding their health, behaviors and lifestyles. Cat neutering is nowadays an authentic method of keeping the kittens birth controlled scientifically.

Reasons behind the arguing of cat neutering:

Cat neutering is an issue which is highly argued by many of the pet lovers as well as other people. It is a still debatable issue which holds many people in favor as well as against the procedure of repressing the sexual desires and needs of the cats. Some of the common problems that are faced by the cats after the neutering procedure are the common logics by those who are against the process of neutering the cats. Disadvantages of neutering the cats are as follows:

Cat neutering

  • Incapability to produce kittens

Neutering the cats make them incapable of reproduction. Therefore, they are not able to produce the kittens. The incapability to produce the next generation can make the cat futile naturally. Therefore, the permanent neutering of cats is harmful for them.

  • General behavioral problems

The neutering of cats is harmful for them as it can induce various kinds of behavioral problems in them. The aggressiveness, permanent irritation feelings, getting emotionally incomplete and feeling the loss of the sexual desire are some of the problems which can disturb their general behavior with the owners as well as with other fellow pets too. Neutering can cause the disappointment, loss of desire to live joyfully and remaining aloof in cats.

  • Health problems

Cat neutering can be a cause of health problems in cats. Permanent loss of ability to perform sexual activities can cause many physical and emotional changes in the cats that can ultimately result in various infectious, emotional, behavioral and physical diseases. The loss of health, physical balance and many other problems can be faced by the cat that undergoes the process of neutering. Getting over weight and the sudden loss of weight are two important issues with the cat being neutered. The different kinds of urinary tracts infections can also be caused.

  • Hormonal imbalance

One of the major problems that cats face in the neutering process is the loss of hormonal balance in the body. The removal of sexual parts from the bodies of the cats can cause the increase or decrease of different sexual and other hormones in the body. The loss of hormonal imbalance can results in the various diseases which can harmful or the health and life of the cats.

  • Death of the cats

There are various vets and different kinds of unauthentic methods for cat neutering which can result in the death of cat. Various banned procedures are used by the uneducated vets to neuter the cats which can prove fatal to the life of your beloved cat.

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