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Sprained muscles

Why My Dog Is Limping Nowadays?

You will be confused, worried and interested in finding about the reasons for the question that why my dog is limping. It is not an issue which can be ignored carelessly rather you should try to acknowledge yourself with the reason, indications and useful information about the dog limping which is a serious health issue of the dogs.

What can my dog do during dog limping?

You can find your dog to be walking improperly or abnormally if he is suffering from limping. He can stretch his leg or move it inwards or outwards while sitting, standing or walking. Feeling the pain and expressing it in various ways is dependent at the dogs which are suffering from the limping. Apparently, the dog will be normal however internal damage will be present at the leg. You need to observe any sign of inflammation or bleeding at the dog’s skin.

Why my dog is limping?

If you want to find out the reasons that are causing your dog to limp then read the following points carefully.

  • Bone injuries

Bone injuries are a common cause of dog limping. Any kind of accident or injury related to bones can result in limping of the dogs. Sudden jerk, jumping from height and such kinds of activities which exert high pressure at the joints of the bones are the reasons behind the limping of the dogs.

my dog is limping

  • Degeneration of bones

Many of the dogs may suffer from the degeneration of the bones. This can lead your dog towards limping ultimately. Degeneration of the bones not only weakens them but also make them prone to various kinds of minor and major injuries. The degenerated bones are incapable of bearing the body weight or the pressure of any activity being performed at the legs. Running can also induce the injury in case of denigrated bones of the dog’s body.

  • Sudden trauma

The sudden trauma to the dogs mind can lead towards the limping condition. Traumatic body can leave the impacts at various body organs. Dog limping is one of the affects of trauma at the body of the dog. The brain of the affected dog is unable to provide the neuron communication effectively to the leg so the dog starts limping like an injured dog soon after the trauma.

  • Disc slip

The sudden disc slip from the leg of the dog is a common reason for the dog limping. The disc can slip owing to any of the abnormal activity, injury or mishap to the dog. The disc once adjusted helps to end the limping effectively.

  • Sprained muscles

The dog can limp because of the muscular spraining. The sprained muscles make the dog incapable of walking properly. The dog can also feel the pain while walking or performing other actions. The leg can also show swelling once the muscles get sprained. The muscular problems induce the limping conditions in the dogs.

Sprained muscles

  • Torn ligaments

The inured or torn ligaments lead to the limping of the dogs. Ligaments get injured because of several reasons and ultimately induce limping condition to the leg of the dog.

Above mentioned are the possible reasons of limping in your pet dog, you must have to start treatment by consulting your vet as soon as possible to recover the loss.

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