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Where Do Dogs Go When They Die

Where Do Dogs Go When They Die: Inside Story

This question could be answered very simply by saying that dogs or any other animal have spirits as we humans have, they live as we do. They also die as we humans do. They also experience the stages of age and growth as we do. So, it will not be wrong to say that they go to heaven. Their spirits are departed from their bodies at the time of death and so are ready to meet the almighty. By simply considering this fact we can jump on to the conclusion about the question where do dogs go when they die?

Dogs and humans:

In some cases, dogs get really closer to our humanity; they plan to do this by the spirit of the Incarnation, which will make it close human contact. They do so mainly by becoming domesticated. We humans in return receive the care loyalty and custody of a dog.

In this regard, these dogs are closer to human beings to share “the human family” experience. This causes them to learn even more about love, devotion, loyalty, responsibility, and the typical characteristics of all others.

At this stage in their development, their progress is very similar to humans. Their incarnation, reincarnation, development experience (such as domesticated animals), and become more and more people like in their character. They learn to love with greater passion; want to have a greater focus; plan, with greater capacity; and, in general, become more and more people in their overall behavior.

Where Do Dogs Go When They Die

Dog’s life after death:

To some people this logic or concept may seem distressing. As we humans are the greatest creation of the God almighty. But that does not mean that we are the only spirits created by God animals too are spirits. They too have a heart; they are also blessed with feelings of care love hatred and sorrow. That’s why if we own a dog or any other pet it becomes really difficult for us to lose our dog friend. It is just like losing a friend or family member. So, if we feel sad that way while losing a dog as if we have lost some human companion then we cannot deny the fact that they are like us. They are also the important and sensitive creation of GOD. And after their death the creator would meet them in heaven.

The concept of after life depends completely upon our religious and cultural beliefs as all the dog owners in the world belong to different cultures, religions, sects and civilizations. But the idea of “heaven” and life after death is present in every religion of the world but with a different perspective.

If we take guidance from the Bible we will come to know that there isn’t any place in Bible where it is written that animals will go straight to the heaven but in the same Bible it is written that animals do belong to the earth paradise. The animals were to this earth for our pleasure and benefit. Their lives are very much precious to God.

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