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best cat toys for indoor cats

Most Recommended Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Cats are just like babies. They get bored very fast and easily as they are always looking for new things, they want to explore new things rather in form of toys, games or activities. Or we can simple say that cats are always in search of “trouble”. So, being a caring owner you must keep the best ones from the cat toys for indoor cats like yours to keep them happy occupied and active all the time.

Here is the list of the toys one must keep at home for their pet cats:

  • Boxes

Everybody knows that cats love boxes. The interesting thing employing a box is that they are generally free, and made in a variety of sizes. You can discard or recycle old after the cat becomes tired of them, put a new regular size. You can cut them into a fun little cathouse entry “holes” and “windows.” There are many possibilities and ways that you can get creative with a box to entertain your cat.

best cat toys for indoor cats

  • Paper bags

The paper bag is one of the most recognized cat toys. A paper bag seems to be free and exciting for cats to hide themselves in it while playing. When you go to grocery stores you must let your cat play with the bags after the groceries are put away.

best cat toys for indoor cats

  • Furry mice

Furry mice or rabbits as compared to the other toys are more good playable and cheap. Other toys can be much expensive and not very exciting for cats. You can judge the real fur and synthetic fur with the help of your fingers. The mice and rabbits are available in different colours but colour is not the problem as the synthetic ones can also be dyed. Your cat would love to play with the fur mice.

toys for cats

  • Crazy circles

This is a very simple interactive toy made of a plastic ring which has a ball inside. There are paw holes built all around the ring so that your cat can easily beat the prey.

best cat toys for indoor cats

  • Peek a prize box

Peek a prize box is a box with holes on the top and sides. You can put your cat’s other toys in it and then watch your cat getting their toys out of it. Crinkle balls also work well as treat toys for cats do.

best cat toys for indoor cats

  • Sisal roller

This toy is specifically made by lazy pet, which makes a variety of many other interactive cat toys. The base of the sisal roller is with catnip that is great and playful for cats to scuff. It carries with a hanging pom and also jingles bells to keep the cats busy.

best cat toys for indoor cats

The sisal roller can be turned to attract your cat to swoop or it can also be left standing for your cat to play with on her own. This toy can be really amazing for your cat.

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  1. whenever i need to have fun with my cat, i used to get a mice 🙂

  2. that’s how i play with my kitty.

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