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cat grooming tools

What Are The Basic Cat Grooming Tools?

A good cat owner must need to be aware of all the potential problems and issues his pet can face. They must tame and groom their cat in a good manner to improve their life spans by using the best cat grooming tools. By potential problems all the potential diseases can be related such as tooth decay, skin or ear infections etc.

Following are the best cat grooming tools that a cat owner should use to maintain her health and personality.

  • Toothbrush

Look up for a soft and delicate toothbrush exceptionally made for cats at nearby pet store. The head of the brush must be sufficiently little to effortlessly fit in your cat’s mouth, and should promptly flex when swiped with your thumb. For the cats that reject a standard brush, buy a “finger” brush that slips over your finger. Slide your finger forward and backward over your cat’s teeth to give them a fair cleaning.

cat grooming tools

  • Perfect brush

Cat brushes are available in all shapes and sizes, yet wide-tooth brushes with plastic swarms and beaded tips for longhaired cats, and roller-teeth brushes with short abounds for shorthaired cats are convenient.

cat grooming tools

  • Safety nail clipper

Cutting a cat’s paw can be a real challenge for the owner, since the base contains a territory loaded with nerves. Clipping down too far can cause a real pain. To prevent your cat from this, buy a safety nail clipper made particularly for cats, which is made in such a way that it will not go down far and cut the nails safely.

cat grooming tools

  • Furminators

Use a good quality furminator that can reach up to the base of your top coat and remove loose hairs easily and lessens shedding up to 90%.

cat grooming tools

  • Cat grooming glove

A cat grooming glove is a great option for cats which do not trust other cat grooming tools. Slide the glove onto your hand and tame your cat with that glove. It will feel like own tongue to her.

cat grooming tools

  • Smarty Kat grooming brush post

All you have to do is to get your cat a Smarty Kat grooming post. The cat will rub itself against that post as a result it will give the cat a soothing massage feeling and the loose fur will be removed.

cat grooming tools

  • Water less cat bath spray

Buy water less cat bath spray for your cat. It will clean up your cat thoroughly with making use of water or submerging your cat into water.

Water less cat bath spray

  • Cat grooming arch

Cat grooming arch is another tool functioning in the same way as Smarty Kat grooming post does. Your cat will rub itself against the arch and it will brush your cat accordingly.

cat grooming tools

 It is very simple and easy to clean and the hair accumulated in the brush can be vacuumed easily.

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