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cutting dog hair with clippers

How To Cutting Dog Hair With Clippers?

Cutting your dog’s hair is not an easy task as most of the dogs tend to panic during this procedure. Some of the dog owners solve this issue by taking their dogs to professional hair dressers which is very expensive. If you are having trouble cutting your beloved dog’s hair then following some simple techniques you can easily perform this procedure at home.


If you are planning to cut your dog’s hair then you might need a pair of scissors and clippers. You don’t need to shop for special dog clippers; instead you can easily go for any normal clippers or scissors that are available at home. Just keep in mind to get those clippers re-sharpened so you can easily cut your dog’s hair. You might also need some small sized scissors because cutting dog hair with clippers near the ears might be a little difficult.

How to start?

If you are starting the grooming then you need to settle your dog on a higher surface. You might have seen that professional hair dressers use high rising tables where they can easily control the dogs. They use certain gadgets in order to control the dog on that table. But you can’t get these controlling gadgets at home so you might need the help of any other person who can control the dog while you cut the hair. Keep in mind that the other person must be friendly with the dog so the dog can remain calm during the cutting procedure. You can use kitchen sledge for grooming the dog as it is quite high and cleaning the hair from that area won’t be too tough. But do keep in mind that the surface of the kitchen sledge is too slippery so if you want your dog to settle steadily on that slippery surface then you need to place a non-slipping mat on it.

cutting dog hair with clippers

When to cut hair?

Seriously it depends on the hair growing speed of your dog. If your dog grows hair at a very fast pace then you need to clip his hair every month. But if the hair growth is not too strong then you can do it once every two or three months. If your dog tends to grow very long hair and has the issue of developing tangles then you need to brush your dog everyday and cut his hair once every month. But if your dog doesn’t have the issue of tangles then you can let him go without hair cuts for almost two to three months.

Important steps to follow for cutting hair:

  • Use clean and lubricated clippers for clipping the dog hair
  • Bath and shampoo your dog before cutting his hair
  • Dry his fur completely with a towel, you can even use hair dryer
  • Brush the dog hair in order to remove any tangles
  • Start cutting hair with the help of clippers and move the clippers from the roots to the tips
  • If you are cutting the hair around the sensitive areas then you need to use a pair of small scissors

cutting dog hair with clippers

After cutting:

Just treat your dog with a yummy goody or a toy after you have finished cutting dog hair and brush his hair again. If your dog panics a lot while getting the haircuts then you need to keep some goodies or toys nearby in order detract him from the cutting procedure.

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