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Watch How This Naughty Dog Flirts With Stunning Women In Bikini!

Men love to flirt with beautiful women and sometime even women tend to flirt with handsome men. But have you heard about a dog flirting with beautiful women. Watch how this dog fulfills the desires of his heart by flirting with women in bikini. It’s just a nice and lazy morning and most of the men and women are sun-bathing in the park. Women wearing bikinis are lying on mats to receive sun-bath. In the meanwhile, this large black dog appears out of nowhere and flirts with these women.

The dog first approaches a couple lying together on a sun-mat, receiving the sun-bath. The man is in his underwear while the woman is wearing bikini. Dog gets near the man, sniffs his rear and runs away. Due to this unexpected action of the black dog, man gets conscious and tries to get up on his knees but the woman on his side stops him.

The dog returns to this couple just after few minutes and this time he sniffs the rear of the woman who stopped the man from following the dog. Due to sudden sniffing of dog, woman gets conscious and shocked.

In the other corner of the park, two women are lying side by side, receiving the sun-bath. This dog approaches them and sniffs the rear of the prettiest one who sits up in shock. Her companion also stares at her face in shock.

Not far away, another couple is resting and dog repeats the same action with the woman. At first they woman sits up but then she lays down, returning herself to relaxing position.

The most hilarious situation arises when a woman resting on the sun-mat opens up the strings of her bra. This dog watches her for a while from the back of a tree and then approaches her to repeat the same flirty action with her. As she was not expecting this, when dog touches her rear, she sits up in shock revealing her assets to entire world. But she soon gets back to her previous position, hiding her naked assets from the world. Overall, the dog really had the time of his life!

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