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Watch How Ace Is Truly The Undefeatable Elite Fighter Dog!

If you think you have seen the most active and most ferocious animals on the earth then think again because after taking one look at Ace you are going to forget about all the other animals. Trained to be an elite protection officer, this dog possesses the powers that make criminals shiver with fear. This dog can easily enter any building by jumping up to the second storey window. Ace is so ferocious that if it’s not under control then it can mercilessly kill a human being.

Being trained at Dark Dynasty K9s, Ace is one of the top dogs of the elite force. During the training, the trainer, Marlon wears protective dress and stands in front of Ace as a suspect whereas Ace hits his trainer aka suspect with complete force. According to his trainer when he gets hit by Ace, he feels that an 85 pounds missile has hit him. Famous by the name of Super Dog, Ace cannot only climb into the buildings through side windows but it can also jump into the cars and attack a suspicious person carrying the gun.At Dark Dynasty K9s, Marlon has been training protection dogs for highly reputed celebrities, politicians and billionaire business tycoons. He started training Ace when it was only a puppy, now at the age of three years Ace has turned into an unbeatable force.

Marlon is currently training the puppies reproduced by 175 pounds Hulk at his New Hampshire facility. Famous pit bull Hulk is the proud cousin of Ace. Marlon claims that it took three years of hard work, selfless effort and dedicated passion to turn Ace into a rock-solid fighter. At the start Marlon tries to develop the unshakable ego in these dogs in order to turn them into fighter dogs. But not every puppy is able to adopt the powers and style of a fighter dog.

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