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dog whistle

Using dog whistle to control the dog behavior

A dog’s whistle is a very valuable device when it comes to train a dog. If you are a dog trainer then this whistle will be a perfect tactic throughout the training process. The whistle is very helpful if you want to communicate with your dog event a long distance. It is said that this whistle is meant to be used only for some commands like come and sit. This is totally wrong as there are also some other benefits of this whistle. You can also control the behavior of your dog with the help of it. We are here to tell you that what a dog whistle does.

Teaching the SIT command

Step 1

First of all, approach your pooch with his favorite food item. Hold that treat in your hand so that he could detect its scent easily.

Step 2

Now move this very treat over the head of your dog. This movement will encourage him to follow the treat with the help of his nose. When you do so, give a short blast on your respective dog whistle. In this way, your pooch will sit naturally so that he could follow the treat.

Step 3

When the bottom of your dog hits the deck, release the treat you are holding in your hand. Go on repeating this exercise on daily basis. In this way, your pooch will soon learn to sit whenever he hears the dog whistle sound from you. Reward your dog with praise as well as with treat every time.

dog whistle

Step 4

After some days, repeat this very exercise without your dog’s favorite food item. Now you just have to use the whistle. Here the whistle will work as a SIT command.

Teaching COME command

Step 1

First of all bring your pooch in a very secure area. Yard will be best in this regard.

Step 2

Hold your dog’s favorite treat or food item in your hand and then give a few second blasts with the help of your whistle. Here you should keep a very important tip in mind that this tip should be totally different from the whistle of SIT command. Keep on blasting the whistle until your pooch looks at the treat or looks at you.

Step 3


If your pooch comes to you, release the treat or food item you are holding in your hand. Repeat this process everyday in order to get the desired outcome from your dog. Soon your dog will learn to come to you whenever he listens to this whistle. Reward your dog with cookies or any other food item whenever your dog does whatever you are supposing him to do.

Stopping of Bad Behavior with the help of whistle

Step 1

Let your dog to roam freely.

Step 2

Notice his behavior and look out for those signs that show some bad or you can say naughty behavior.

Step 3

Whenever your dog is about to show some naughty behavior, issue the COME or SIT command.

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