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Types of Amphibians On Land And Water

Amphibians are known those species that can live on both land and water. Amphibians go through a process of metamorphosis. They breathe not through their nose but through their skin. They are regarded as cold blooded animals and hence rely on sun heat in order to warm up their body. In cases when temperature is very high, amphibians use to hide. It is also believed that amphibians do not look like their parents at the time of their birth. As of , there are three main categories come under and these are:

  • Caecilians
  • Salamanders, mudpuppies and newts
  • Toads and frogs


These amphibians are known to have earthworm appearance. These amphibians use to hide under the ground most of the time. Because of this reason, these types of amphibians are very rare and there is a very little information about these. Longest specie of this type is recorded to be almost 5 feet in length. The average age of these amphibians is round about 13 years. These amphibians are also known to be without arms as well as legs. Their appearance is like worms and snakes. Their nose is pointed and their skull is very strong.


Salamanders, mudpuppies and newts:

These types of amphibians are also very common and are mostly present in the Unites States of America. These three types of amphibians are tagged with more than 400 species. Some salamanders use to live on land and some in water. Mudpuppies are basically salamander’s breed and they use to live on lake’s bottoms. Their length is approximately 16 inches. As of newts, they prefer living in forests and in moist environments. You can also see newts in parks and even in gardens. They use to live for at least 6 years and some people keep them as pets in their houses. Majority of salamanders are of lizard shape. They love to live at wet areas. They can easily re-grow their all lost limbs for sure. Newts are also among the types of salamander.


Toads and frogs:

According to a U.S survey, there are around four thousands species of toads and frogs. This group of amphibians is regarded as most studied category of amphibians. One can easily distinguish between a toad and a frog by throwing light on the characteristics of these two. For instance, frog is little bit slimmer as compared to a toad. Toad has smaller legs than the legs of frog. They also have a difference in terms of their skin. The skin of frog is very smooth. On the other hand, a toad has rough skin. These two amphibians are known well for the production of more than fifty thousand eggs in one time. Their life ranges between 20 to 30 years.

Toads and frogs

Goliath is known as the largest frog in this list. These frogs have almost 6 pound of weight. Frogs have bulging eyes and short body. They have very powerful as well as long legs. Common frog species include: poison dart and American bullfrog.

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