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Training toy breeds? Here is how!

If you are searching for the friendliest, funniest, most active and mischievous breed of dogs then toy breed is best for you. Although toy breeds are considered to be the most mischievous breed of dogs yet they are cutest and most innocent breed. With tiny body frame, these dogs are really active and totally awesome. If you want a dog but you have very little space in your home then toy breed will be most suitable for you. They are very demanding as they like you to provide them with proper attention and proper time. If you buy a toy breed and are not able to spare time to play with your dog then he is going to create a lot of racket.

Some of the people love to get small dogs so they settle for toy breed. But the issue with toy breed is that training these small devils to live properly inside your home is very tough. If you have the option and the space for a large sized dog then it’s much better to go for that one instead of going for the toy breed because handling a toy breed is not an easy task.

Analyze your routine first:

Most of the toy breed owners are confused about training their dogs. If you are having an issue with training toy breed puppy then you must analyze your daily routine at first. Training a toy breed is not an easy task to their delicate stature and mischievous nature. Most of the owners tend to carry their dogs everywhere instead of letting them walk. The owners of toy breed make the biggest mistake of their life by treating their dog as a baby due to its small size. If your dog is small in size then it doesn’t mean that he is not able to learn manners.


Start early:

Next you need to start teaching the manners to your toy breed as soon as you bring him home. Because if you delay teaching him the manners then he will hook up to the bad habits and changing those bad habits is the toughest task on earth.

Make your dog walk:

If you are training your toy breed to pee in the bathroom or on the outer side of house then you need to make your dog walk to the desired pee place. Don’t ever pick up your dog in your arms and take him to the desired place. This way he will never learn to go to the required place on his own. In order to teach him manners, you first need to teach him to be independent. So, always keep this in mind to never pick your dog in your arms if you want him to learn to pee in a required place.

Next you need to keep in mind is to motivate and appreciate your dog every time he pees in the required place. Motivating or appreciating an act will make your dog feel special so he will do it again and again in order to please his owner. You can train toy breed by following these simple tactics but you need to follow these tactics with a complete determination.

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