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TOXIC Flea Medications – BEST Holistic Flea Prevention And Treatment Options

Repelling the fleas from your pet’s body seems like a very disturbing issue because nowadays there are many toxic flea medications available in the market for flea prevention that are extremely harmful for the health of your pet. Nowadays various modes of flea repellants are available in the market including the sprays, powders, topical treatments and collars. But the issue is that most of these repellants are toxic. Not only can they disturb the health of your Snuffy but Snuffy can also transmit the toxic effects of these medications to your family and internal environment of the house.

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On the other hand if we take a look at the after-effects of getting infested by the fleas or tick then this is also a very disturbing issue. If the fleas are left unattended then this issue can turn into a serious disease. But the toxicity of flea medications can also lead towards serious disease linked to the respiratory system and neurological system.

In order to avoid such toxic issues, one must go for the holistic flea prevention treatment options. Before going further, we must keep this in mind that many flea repellants marked “Natural” also contain toxic elements so instead of going for such “Naturally Toxic” flea repellants, we must repel fleas in a holistic manner.

  • First of all you must strive hard to clean your pets on a regular basis. Grooming and bathing the pets on weekly or on alternate days is a great move towards repelling the fleas in a non-toxic method. You must use normal water and a soap to kill the flea present in your pet’s body. You must also comb your pet’s fur daily with the help of anti-flea comb so that the fur stays clean.

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  • Keep the house clean and your pet’s bedding items extra-clean. You can only beat fleas if you strive extra hard to keep the internal environment of your house clean. You must wash the bedding items after every three to four days but you must dust them on daily basis. Similarly, you must vacuum the carpeting inside the house on a regular basis. Exposing the bedding items to sunlight after every few days is also very helpful in repelling the fleas.

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  • You can also use the “trap” strategy to deal with the fleas. All you need to do is to fill a dish with some soapy water and then place this dish in view of the light in the vicinity of your sleeping pet. Fleas love to get cozy near hot and humid light so the soapy water will kill them.

kill fleas with soap water

  • You can also use electric flea traps that need to be plugged-in and can kill fleas within a matter of few seconds. Keep the electric flea trap near your pet’s sleeping area for at least two weeks.

electric flea traps

If after applying all the above mentioned methods, you can seem to detect decrease in the flea infestation then you must seek help from oral-flea repelling medicines. They are the least harmful ones among the toxic flea repellants.

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