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Australian Cattle Dog

Top Dog Breeds That Get Lost the Most

Although it’s famous about cats that they can always find a way to their home but dogs, on the other hand, possess the history of getting lost. You might not be able to believe this but the pain of losing a dog can only be understood by the dog’s owners. Dogs can easily get lost that’s why they are tied with a leash whenever their owners take them out for a walk. If you are interested in adopting a dog then you must be well acquainted with the knowledge of dog breeds that get lost the most.

  • Australian Cattle Dog

Available in the amazing red and blue colors, this purebred is very famous for possessing energetic spirit, high responsiveness, loyalty and intelligence. Australian Cattle Dogs are very easy-to-train due to their talented minds and they love to indulge in physical activities.

Australian Cattle Dog

  • Rat Terrier

Available in six amazing colors, Rat terriers are known to be the most intelligent, loving, curious and friendly breed on earth. Rat terriers are extremely active, due to which they feel the need to indulge in outdoor activities throughout the day. Rat terriers are very talented due to which they can easily participate in every type of sport activity.

dog breeds that get lost the most

  • Rottweiler

Known by the nickname of Rottie, Rottweilers possess very strong physique. Due to their fearless nature, they possess excellent hunting skills. Originating from Germany, this dog breed is known to be very competent and nice-natured dog breed. Due to its friendly and compromising behavior, this dog breed is known to be the best companion for humans.


  • Boston Terrier

Although Boston terriers are known for their aggressive behavior still these dogs also possess some outstanding qualities. Available in three different colors, Boston terriers are very intelligent, active and full of energy. Boston terriers love to indulge in playful physical activities.

Boston Terrier

  • Miniature Schnauzer

An extremely talented dog breed, Miniature Schnauzer possesses the love for various physical activities. These dogs also like to participate in hunting besides tracking and command-following.

Miniature Schnauzer

  • Cocker Spaniel

Extremely loyal towards their families, Cocker spaniels are available in four different colors. These dogs also show a great interest in outdoor physical activities and require lots of exercise in order to lead an active life.

Cocker Spaniel

  • Miniature Pinscher

Famous by the nick of Min Pin, Miniature Pinscher loves to participate in the activities of hunting objects, retrieving thrown objects, and command-following. These dogs are very independent and possess high level energy due to which they need to be indulged in outdoor activities during the day.

Miniature Pinscher

  • Maltese

Being a purebred, Maltese is the most loving, caring, active, and cheerful dog ever. This dog also requires lots of exercise in order to remain fit.

Maltese breed

  • Border Collie

Originating in UK and Ireland, this dog is extremely alert, intelligent, loyal, and highly responsive. Available in five stunning colors, this dog breed is also famous for its active nature and high quality hunting skills.

Border Collie breed

Not only this dog breed is perfect for guarding purposes but it has also set records in the field of narcotics detection.

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