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Chinese Crested dog

Top 8 most expensive pets in the world

Pets are known to be very precious friends of the mankind. But they can be really precious in terms of money too. There are number of pets in the world that cost millions of dollars from their owners. Here are few most expensive pets that will make your mind blow.

The Chinese Crested dog:

Chinese Crested dog












These dogs have got the value of $5,000. These are tiny dogs but the most expensive breeds of the dogs. They are largely hairless and their weight equals to almost 10 pounds. They are very smart and amazing. Their skin is very soft and they have got only few hairs on their paws and face.

White Lion Cubs:

White Lion Cubs

White Lion exists in the wild but are very rare. They cost about $138, 00. They are white because of the result of the recessive gene. Breeders have tried to breed them but results were not very good. The new born have got some lungs and respiratory issues.



It costs $60,000-$65,000. They are common in the villages of Africa. The chimps are known to be the smartest pets in the world. If they are proper trained then they can help you in house chores. They can do cleanliness and accounting types of work for you.

Female Lavender Albino Python:

Female Lavender Albino Python

This rare snake was discovered in 2003. It is an African snake and worth $20,000. It has a lavender color with bright ruby red eyes. It is very rare and very costly pet.

The Reticulated Albino Type II also called Tiger Python:

Reticulated Albino Type II

The $15,000 worth snake is really long. The reticulated pythons are one of the longest snakes of the world that is why they are very expensive. They are also very beautiful. They have got a tiger pattern on it that is why they are also called tiger Python.

Hyacinth Macaw:

Hyacinth Macaw

Beautiful Hyacinch Macawis based in South America are worth about $6,500-12,000. It is the monster Macaw. It is also the monster flying parrots in the world that are still existed. They can be weighing as much as 6 to 7 pounds. Their prices are very high because they are getting popular as pets.

Savannah Cat:

Savannah Cat

The cat has a worth of $4,000-$10,000. They have got a very difficult breeding process which includes mating the African Serval with the small domestic cats. They are also very beautiful and expensive. The breeding process is done with a great care that is why they are expensive.



Missy is a three year old cow. It has got black and white color. She is a Holston cow. She is right now holding a record of the most expensive cow that is sold in the market. She has won the title for Grand Champion of the 2009 namely Western Fall National Show. This show is known to be the biggest show. Missy was sold for $1.2 million in Ontario in 2009.

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