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independent dog breeds

Top 8 Independent Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

Every dog has different features, some of the unique features or qualities are associated with particular dog breeds. There are many breeds that are extremely friendly and social. These breeds not only love to mingle up with other dogs but they also crave the care and attention of their masters. On the other hand there are some dog breeds that are so independent that they not only like to keep a distance from the other dogs but they also like to provide a little space to their masters. If you like to adopt a dog that doesn’t sniff around you wherever you go then these 8 independent dog breeds are going to provide you with various options.

  1. Akita

Although this Japanese dog is very loyal towards its masters and family but this dog is one of the most independent dogs on earth. This breed is commonly divided among two nations i.e. American Akita and Japanese Akita.

independent dog breeds

  1. Afghan Hound

Extremely elegant looking Afghan hound is known as the most ancient dog breed on earth. They are usually trained to hunt but they are the most independent dog breed on earth. They even maintain reserve behavior towards their masters.

afghan hound

  1. Saluki

This unique but interesting dog breed is very excellent hunter, runner and guard. Originating from Middle East, these dogs are extremely quiet, independent and tend to behave in a reserved manner. If you want talkative dogs then Saluki is not going to satisfy you.

Saluki dog breed

  1. Chow Chow

These cute looking dogs usually belong to China where they possess the history of being the all-purpose dogs. But due to the increasing demand of independent pet dogs, more and more people started adopting Chow Chow’s as pets. These dogs are known as the most famous pet dogs in china, they are also famous due to their cattish nature.

Chow Chow dog breed

  1. Welsh Springer Spaniel

Although most of the people might think that Welsh springer spaniel and English springer spaniel might possess similar qualities but Welsh springer spaniel is more aloof and independent than English springer spaniel. Due to their excellent hunting skills, they are known to be the extremely active dogs.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

  1. Kerry Blue Terrier

At first glance, you will be amazed to see their furry and hairy bundle. Even with the cute looks, this dog is extremely energetic and strong-willed. It loves to wander around at its own and possesses reserve nature.

Kerry Blue Terrier

  1. Alaskan Malamute

Originating from the far-northern areas, these dogs are used for the purposes of sledge-pulling or carting. They dwell in the cold areas but they are extremely tough workers and love to fulfill their job in an efficient manner. They like to remain aloof and possess rude nature.

Alaskan Malamute

  1. Grey Hound

The most ancient of the sight hounds, the Grey Hounds are known as the most reserved and aloof dogs. These dogs are born hunters and racers.

grey hound

Despite their aloofness, they possess extremely gentle nature and are very lazy. Due to their lazy habit, they like to remain in resting position throughout the day.

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