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short haired dog breeds

Top 10 Short Haired Dog Breeds

Every pet requires special attention when it comes to the grooming; especially the dog breeds that have long hair, but there are also some breeds of dogs for those who love dogs but don’t have much time for their grooming. Given below is the list of the top 10 short haired dog breeds that don’t take much time when they are taken for the grooming:


  1. Beagle

This dog breed size can reach up to 15 inches and it gives great looks, many individuals love to take this breed as pet because of their short hair. The life span of a beagle is up to 16 years, so it is a good choice.

Beagle short hairs

  1. Boston Terrier

This pet belongs to the dog breed group that is non-sporting. The height of this breed dog varies and is not fixed; the weight can reach up to 25 pounds. The life span of this breed is not short as the owner can enjoy the company up to 13 years.

Boston Terrier short hairs

  1. Dachsbund

The height of this dog breed never reaches high like the other dog breeds; the maximum height is up to 6 inches. The time duration for which the pet lives can be up to 15 years.

Dachsbund short hair breed

  1. Bulldog

This dog breed is loved by a large number of dog lovers as it looks cute and this breed is from those that are non-sporting. A bulldog can live up to 11 years; the live span is less than many other dog breeds.

Bulldog short hairs

  1. Parson Russell Terrier

This breed is also liked by many and the height of the dog can reach up to 14 inches. The owner of the pet gets a lot of time to enjoy with the dog as this breed can live up to 14 years.

Parson Russell Terrier

  1. Manchester Terrier

The height can reach up to 16 inches same like the other dog breeds and the life span of the dog is 16 years which can be spend well with the dog if he/she doesn’t fall seriously ill due to any reason.

Manchester Terrier short haired dog

  1. Pug

This dog breed is cute in looks and the life span is up to 14 years, the pugs are loved to be adopted by the people.

Pug short haired dog

  1. Shiba Inu

The colors of this breed are eye-catching and the time duration for which the dogs of this breed can live is almost 16 years.

Shiba Inu short hairs

  1. Lancashire Heeler

The maximum height of this dog breed is 12 inches and the life span is up to 15 years which he/she can spend with the owner.

Lancashire Heeler short hair

  1. Italian Greyhound

Dogs of this breed looks different from the other dog breeds due to which they can be recognized easily, the maximum height is 15 inches and the life span is 15 years.

Italian Greyhound short hairs dog

All of the above mentioned top 10 short haired dog breeds are those which can be selected as a pet by those who don’t like to spend much time in doggie salon for the grooming.

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