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Top 10 pets games to train your pet

Pets games play a vital role in the grooming and training of your pet in the best possible ways. Some of the best games are mentioned below:

Flirt Pole:

In this game a rope is attached to a handle or pole. A toy is also attached at the end of this rope. You can make this flirt pole at home for sure. These poles are also available in the market. Play this game with your dog because this game is also a very good exercise for your pet.











Water Hose:

This is another important game for your pets. In order to create so many fun games, water hose can do the job for sure. For this purpose, you can set a nozzle with your water hose. In this way, jet of water shoots out very quickly. You can make your pet to chase this ejected water.

Water Hose

Tug of War:

Tug of war is a very famous game known for pets. But sometimes, this game can cause some problems because pets use to bite the other pet in this game. In order to avoid this situation, you are supposed to change some rules of this game. You must have to control the game from start till the end.

tug of war

Ball Games:

Ball games are very famous. Pets love to play with ball. They use to play ball games with their owners. They can also play with ball alone when their owner is busy. Catching as well as soccer games are very common in this regard.

ball games

Finding the hidden treats:

Pets especially dogs love to find the hidden treats. This game is very common all over the world. For this purpose, hide a scented object at some place and then let your pet find that hidden object. Dogs use their nose in order to scent these objects. Reward your pet if he or she can find the hidden object.

Finding the hidden treats

Hide and Seek:

Hide and seek is on the top when it comes to pet games. Hide yourself somewhere at your home and let your pet find you. It will be good as well as exciting for your dog to find you. He will definitely love to do it again with his owner.

Stairway dash:

Every dog owner must have idea about this game. Use your home stairs for this very game. Make your dog run up these stairs. This is a game as well as an exercise. It will keep your pet active and energetic throughout the day.


Reward is also a game. Full your pocket with your pet’s favorite treat like biscuits. Call your pet from some distance in order to let him have the treat. He will soon run towards you. This is also an exercise for your pet.

Cleaning up the home:

You can let your pet to clean the room or home with you. This cleaning can easily be taken as a kind of pet game. You can use your pet for the shifting of small objects from one place of house to the other.

Obstacle course:

This game is also very fun chasing. It will also train your dog in terms of obstacles in his way.

Obstacle course

Playing these pets games with your pet will not only train him mentally but will also keep him fit and fine all the day long.

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