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Top 10 Male Cow Breeds Of 2016

There are billions of the breeds of every animal and there are thousands of the breeds of cows as well. Dairy farming is quite a good business in Pakistan, the meat and milk produced from the cow is sold at a good rate. This is the most successful business in Pakistan, here are top 10 male cow breeds mentioned below:

  1. Black Angus

Black Angus is made with seven breeds of cows combined; it was first cross breed with Scottish Angus. It is available in a low in Pakistan.

Black Angus

  1. Habitat

Habitat is mostly found in Faisalabad, Multan, Punjab, Sahiwal and Sialkot. This breed of cow has a lot of meat and the breed of cow named as habitat is medium sized with dull reddish color.


  1. Austrex

Austrex produces a lot of milk; the milk is of best quality and is best for the humid plus hot temperature of Pakistan.


  1. Red sindhi

It has been originated from Mahal Kohistan, it is found mostly in these areas of Pakistan, Thatta, Dadu and Karachi. It is also a medium sized breed as it is not very large in height and its weight is also reasonable.

Red sindhi

  1. Achai cattle

It is a small sized cow that can be easily found in KPK province, its face is usually fresh and the overall color is reddish. It has the most beautiful eyes that are sharp and shiny than the other cows of Pakistan.

Achai cattle

  1. Dhanni Cattle

Dhani cattle is mostly found in Attock, Rawalpindi and Chakwal as well, it is usually reddish and brown in color and sometimes it has spots of white and black color also. It is used for getting milk and meat; it has the tastiest milk and meat.

Dhanni Cattle

  1. Gabaralli

Gabaralli is easily found in Pakistan, it is not a very common breed of cow. Gabaralli is just like the other cows, achai cattle and red sindhi.


  1. Lohani cattle

Lohani cow is usually found in hilly areas in Loralai district of Pakistan, it belongs to zebu breed and it is used for milk and meat.

lohani cattle

  1. Thari cow

Thari is the most popular cow in Pakistan, it is available in different colors but the most commonly found color is white. Thari cow have a small humph in the back which makes it more eye catching. Besides getting milk and meat, it is also used for pulling the carts as well.

Thari cow

  1. Bhag nari

It is usually found in Jacobabad, Pakistan, Bhag nari breed has different colors and sizes as well. They usually have head that is medium sized and their neck is short as compared to the other breeds, the male and the female breed have a lot of difference.

Bhag nari

The top 10 male cow breeds are mentioned above; all the breeds of Pakistan are used for different purposes. They can also compete with the cow breeds of other countries in terms of appearance and also the quality of milk.

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