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Long Haired Dog Breeds

Top 10 Long Haired Dog Breeds

Long haired dog breeds looks great, but the only thing which need to be considered when buying a long haired dog is that they require grooming after regular intervals of time. Some people love to get a long haired dog as a pet, but those are the individuals who can manage time for taking their pet for grooming. Here is the list of Top 10 long haired dog breeds which are loved by the pet lovers:

  1. Afghan hound

This breed has long and silky hair all over the body which makes them look beautiful and this breed is loved by those who like to make the dogs a member of their family by adopting them.

Afghan hound

  1. Yorkshire terrier

This breed is known all over the world as the brave and the energetic, the silky hair on the whole body makes them look great and different from the other dog breeds.

Yorkshire terrier

  1. Komondor

The fur on the body of this breed is too much even it covers the eyes; the dog is preferred by the individuals who also have sheep because this breed is known as the best when it comes to the protection of the sheep.

Komondor dog breed

  1. Havanese

The dogs of this breed have long hair, but some of them have straight while the others have curly hair and the individuals are free to choose the one which they like.

Havanese long haired breed

  1. Poodle

The poodle looks nice in every color in which it is available which includes grey, white and black. The dogs of this breed are friendly and sensitive in nature, other than that they can be trained easily.

Poodle long haired breed

  1. Bernese mountain dog

The hair all over the body with three colors including black, brown and white makes the Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the cutest looking breeds. The height of this breed can reach up to 28 inches and the life span is almost 6 years. The dogs of this breed require the full checkup by a veterinary doctor after specific period of time.

Bernese mountain dog

  1. Maltese

This breed is of white color and requires grooming often, the dogs of this breeds are known as the most playful dogs and is preferred by many dog lovers due to their cute looks.

Maltese long haired

  1. Shih Tzu

It is small in size, but looks cute that is the reason it is adopted by the pet lovers and the hairs on the body makes this breed distinct from the other dog breeds.

Shih Tzu long haired

  1. English Springer Spaniel

The dog breed is active and attentive, the long hair covers the whole body and the ears also have long hair which gives good looks to the dogs.

English Springer Spaniel

  1. Rough Collie

This dog breed is known as the most loyal and the dogs of this breed are gentle in nature due to which people prefer to adopt them.

Rough Collie

The only thing which requires special attention when a person has a long haired dog is the grooming otherwise there is nothing which makes it difficult for the owner to adopt a dog from one of the top 10 long haired dog breeds.

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