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curly haired dogs

Top 10 Curly Haired Dogs

Different dogs have different hair type and all the types of hair require different type of care. For providing your dog with hair cut, one must know what type of hair coat the dog has. Some are the dog breeds that require extreme maintenance. The Top 10 curly haired dogs are mentioned below:

  1. Portuguese Water Dog

The hair of Portuguese water dog are either curly or wavy, these dogs have different type of hair coats. Sometimes they have mixed pattern of their hair like all the body has curly hair but their ear and tail have wavy hairs.

Portuguese water dog

  1. Havanese

Havanese is an eye catching dog, the hair coat of Havanese is soft and quite lightweight and silky as well. They do not have double coat, the coat on the outer layer is not too much heavy in weight.

Havanese curly hairs

  1. Maltese

Maltese do not have an undercoat; the hair coat they have is silky and long, their hair are too curly. The hair color of Maltese is pure white; they need their hair to get trimmed after every some months.

Maltese curly hairs

  1. Irish Water Spaniel

This breed of dog have extreme curly hair, their curls are too dense and tight as well. On their overall body they have tight curls, but on their face the stuff of the curls is different. The trimming of this breed requires too much care and the hair should not be cut too short.

Irish Water Spaniel curly hairs

  1. Welsh Terrier

Welsh terrier have brown and black hair color usually, they have short curls with rough hair stuff. They should be cleaned and bathed on daily basis.

Welsh Terrier curly hairs

  1. Poodle

Poodles have too curly hair which never sheds, but the texture of poodle’s hair is quite fine and smooth. Poodle requires to be bathed every week and besides this it takes hours to brush poodle.

poodle curly hairs

  1. Airedale Terrier

The hair of Airedale terrier is wiry and too hard, the coat has covered all over the body especially legs and other body parts.

Airedale Terrier curly

  1. Affen

Affen is a lovely dog that does not require any special food; they have blushing and attractive eyebrows which is amazing to attract the dog lovers. The hair coat of affen is rough and the length of the hair is uneven, so it needs hair cutting on daily basis.

Affen black curly hairs

  1. Afghan Hound

Afghan hounds are not a friendly dog breed, they chose their friends quite carefully as they do not like to be social with everyone. There are two types of them; one have heavy hair coat and the hair coat of the other type is less heavy.

Afghan Hound curly hairs

  1. Boykin Spaniel

It’s a rare dog breed that has the upper part of the head covered with quite curly hair; they have yellowish eyes which makes them undeniably attractive.

Boykin Spaniel curly hairs

Above mentioned are the names of Top 10 curly haired dogs that have an attractive appearance, but need brushing and bathing on regular basis to keep the hair well maintained.

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