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Top 10 Cat Names You Would Love To Call Your Cat With

Just like every individual in a family has a name, the pets like the cats are also named by their owner to direct their attention towards them when they are called. Giving a name to a cat is sometimes are difficult task, most of the cat owners name them according to their appearance. Some of the cats are named on the color of their eyes or hair, while other cat owners give a name to their vat which they like. Given below is a list of 10 cat names you would love to call your cat with:

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  1. Tiger

It is a great name that suits a male cat, it can be given to a cat that is heavy and looks strong. People love to name their male cat tiger as it is not too common, but is easy in pronunciation.

  1. Garfield

A cat that looks like Garfield, a cartoon character of brown color can be named as Garfield as it seems cute.

  1. Stripey

A cat with the stripes is great to be called as stripey, so it is the name that is given according to the cat’s appearance.

  1. Panther

It is a bold name again like the name tiger; the name panther is good to give to a male cat, but it is up to the owner. He/she can give this name to his/her female cat too.

  1. Spice

It can show the angry behavior of a cat, it is a sweet name to give a cat.

  1. Blade

As it is mentioned earlier that bold names suit male cats better, so a male cat can be named as blade or a cat that gets angry easily.

  1. Spotty

A name which can be given due to the spots on the cat, it is a cute name that many people love to call their cats with.

  1. Kitty

A cute name that suits when a female owner calls her female cat, it is a soft and lovely name that is mostly given to the female cats.

  1. Oreo

It is a name that can be given according to the color of the cat, if the cat is black in color then he/she can be named as Oreo. It is not a compulsion as the cat owner can name a white or brown cat Oreo as well.

  1. Fluffy

As the name shows, fluffy suits the cats with the fluffy hair. It is a rare name, but easy to pronounce and it is perfect for a lovely light colored cat.

The name is not only given to a cat according to his/her appearance as some of the individuals who own a cat name him/her according to the behavior. The difference in name also depends on the gender of the cat; soft names are given to the females while male cats are mostly given bold names. A cat name should be chosen from a large number of cat names with care as some names match the other words used for directing the cats, so they get confused.

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