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Top 10 Best Guard Dogs In The World

Keeping a guard dog is one of the best moves against the insecurity of today’s world. If any intruder tries to enter your house then your guard dog will instantly alert you. Some of the guard dogs are even trained to alert the police if anything happens to their home or their master. Guard dogs are also trained to protect their master’s life.  If you are thinking about keeping a guard dog at your house then definitely you might be searching for the best guard dog to adopt. Below is mentioned a list of the 10 best guard dogs in the world that are going to be perfect for you.

  1. Giant Schnauzer

They do look adorable due to their long and lustrous hair locks but in fact they are quite terrifying when it comes to guarding their masters. The bark and bite of a Giant Schnauzer is very destructive. These dogs are over-protective and over-possessive about their masters.

best guard dogs in the world

  1. Akita

Akita’s are very loyal and very loving towards their owners. Due to the high level of intelligence, they can easily sense the danger even if it is many miles away. They don’t like any stranger to go near their masters, so it’s best to find a company for your Akita if you want to lead a normal life.


  1. German Shepherd

Very loyal towards their home, German Shepherds are basically herd-controlling dogs. Not only do they protect the herd of sheep or cows from any danger but they also keep track of the cows or sheep wandering away from the herd.

German Shepherd

  1. Chow Chow

With their blood-thirsty eyes and terrifying personality, Chow Chows possess the reputation of a very serious guard dogs. Chow Chow’s have the history of being the proud guards of Asian palaces due to which they remain high in demand as guard dogs.

Chow Chow

  1. Kuvasz

They are very sweet and friendly unless somebody crosses their boundaries. Bearing the fame of successful herd-controller, Kuvasz dogs tend to show great loyalty towards their home.


  1. Chinese Shar-Pei

Due to its cute wrinkly appearance you might get the idea that a Shar-Pei is a harmless dog but beware because the truth is totally the opposite. People with extensive property of vast area of lands love to get these dogs as their guard dogs. These dogs are bred to guard the area by running around the property and keeping a close eye on anything suspicious.

Chinese Shar-Pei

  1. Doberman Pinscher

The reputation of this dog is so horrifying that any thought of invading the Doberman’s property never ever crosses the mind of any sane human being.

Doberman Pinscher

  1. Komondor

This dog bears a very serious attitude and remains reserve towards the strangers. Famous for its hairy appearance, Komondor dogs are naturally bred to protect the herds but they also do a great job in protecting the homes.


  1. Rottweiler

Born to lead, Rottweilers are by nature extremely cool and dedicated dogs. Although these dogs are herd-controlling dogs, but due to their high level commitment towards their masters, they are also perfect guard dogs for the families.


  1. Bullmastiff

Highly intelligent, loving, and friendly; Bullmastiff dogs make perfect guard dogs and companions for their masters. A Bullmastiff, due to its high intelligence can also do the tracking and therapy for its master.


The above mentioned dog breeds are very much high in demand, if you are suffering from security issues then getting any one of them would be a great idea for you.

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