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Today I Learned Wearing A Bra From My Dog!

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You might have heard about caring and helping pets but you might never heard about the pet that also teaches the humans to secure themselves against the insulting behavior and dangers of outer world. Meet Amanda who learned how to protect herself from the insulting behavior of her society with the help of her dog, Toto.

Today I Learned Wearing A Bra From My Dog!

When Amanda was a teenager, she didn’t like to wear bra. By birth she possessed large body frame due to which her bosom seemed bigger than that of most of the girls at her age. Amanda never wore bra whether inside the house, or while going outside. She faced extreme criticism and insults from her social circle. Whenever she went outside with Toto at her feet, people used to point towards her chest and shout insulting remarks due to which Toto used to spit and roar at those people.
Today I Learned Wearing A Bra From My Dog

Toto had always remained quite close to Amanda due to which he tried to protect her from the society in every way possible.  But the people around Amanda never developed acceptance for her braless figure. When Toto was not able to endure it any further, he tried to resolve this issue by presenting a permanent solution to Amanda.

One day Amanda was sitting in front of the TV, watching her favorite TV show when suddenly Toto emerged into the room. Toto was holding something in his mouth and when Amanda failed to provide him with her attention, he started whimpering.
Today I Learned Wearing A Bra From My Dog

Amanda finally turned her attention towards Toto and she was shocked to see a bra hanging from Toto’s mouth. Toto wanted her to wear a bra so she doesn’t have to face the criticism and insults from the society anymore. Amanda was extremely touched when she took the bra from Toto’s mouth. Toto taught her that by simply wearing a bra, she can confidently move around in the society.

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