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well groomed dogs

Tips to keeping well groomed dogs

Just keeping a dog inside your house is not enough. If you want to keep a dog then you must realize that keeping a dog is a huge responsibility because you have to take care of his health, his diet, his exercise, his vaccinations and his grooming. Dogs are such a mischievous creatures that keeping them clean and well-groomed is not an easy task. But if you don’t pay proper attention to the grooming and cleanliness of your dog then due to his smell and dirty body you won’t be able to keep him inside your home plus his health can also deteriorate due to the lack of grooming. Below are mentioned some of the easy grooming guidelines that are going to help you have well groomed dogs.

Bath your dog on a regular basis:

Yes its right! Bathing your dog is the first and foremost step of top dog grooming. If you really want your dog to remain clean then you need to bath him on a daily basis from the very start. Bathing can become a habit if you perform it daily. You need to make your dog realize that he needs to keep himself clean by taking regular baths. You need to get suitable shampoo and conditioners for your dog.

The schedule of bathing your dog also depends on the weather. If it’s cold then you don’t need to bath your dog every day. Instead you can bath him once or twice a week with Luke warm water. But during summers you can provide him with regular outdoor baths so he can remain fresh and clean.

Brushing your dog on a regular basis:

Brushing your dog is also a necessary ritual of grooming your dog. Brushing your dog on a regular basis will keep his hair clean from any dirt and dead hair. Brushing the dog’s hair on a daily basis will also remove tangles so your dog will not feel irritated. If you tend to brush your dog’s hair on a daily basis then his excessive hair will only fall during the brushing ritual in the room where you will brush him which means that the rest of your house will remain clean from the dog hair during the day.

If the hair of your dog is short then not brushing him on a daily basis will bring him no harm. But if your dog has long hair then you definitely need to brush your dog on a daily basis.

How to brush?

If you are brushing your dog then try to brush the dog hair from top to tip. Always start the brushing from the roots and move the brush to the outer side of the dog. If your dog has the issue of getting too much tangles then you can also apply some pet hair spray on his hair so the brush can move smoothly on his hair.

well groomed dogs

Clipping nails:

Clipping nails is also another important procedure that is feared by most of the dogs and their owners. If you need your dog not to fear this process then you must clip the nails in a slow and friendly manner by using the rotary clipper.

If your puppy looks clean and smells nice then you will also feel nice and confident. You must keep in mind that dog hygiene is very important for puppies’ health and the health of people living around that dog because puppies love grooming.

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