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how to stop a cat from marking

Tips On How To Stop A Cat From Marking And Scratching?

Before you know how to stop a cat from marking, prepare your mind about the natural behavior of cats scratching. Cats do not scratch or do marking because they are furious, disappointed or offended. Rather they do it as their natural behavior and genetic instinct in them. Scratching is a completely normal behavior of cats and keeps them healthier and happier. So, do not get irritated or offended by the natural process of scratching.

Cats often put marks or scratches on different objects, expensive furniture items or on human body. Many times children or adults get injured owing to their severe scratching. In this regard, you should guide and train your cats so that they can learn avoid scratching.

Tips to prevent scratching:

Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent your cat from marking or scratching.

  • Attractive scratching posts

Scratching post is an easy solution for you if you are fed up of the scratching attitude of your beautiful cat. You should bring various kinds of attractive and colorful scratching post for your cat so that she learns scratching these posts rather than other different kinds of things or human bodies. Making acts use to of scratching these posts is important when bring these posts to home. Place the different shapes of scratching posts at various spots and make the cat in habit of using these posts. This will help her minimize the scratching of other things when she will get attracted towards the posts.

how to stop a cat from marking

  • Halting the cats

It is important to halt the cats whenever they are putting marks at different objects. This attitude will raise the sense of guilt and attention in acts and they will reduce the scratching at different places. You can use various kinds of methods of halting like raising your voice tomes, spraying at cats or any other such kind of process which will bring helpful results in awaking them of the act of their harmful habits.

Halting the cats

  • Detract their attention

If you are searching for how to prevent your cat from marking then you should do one step to prevent them. You should change their attention to some other task whenever you find them making scratches at different objects. This will make cats busy in other task and eventually they will leave the scratching of the household items or at least will positively reduce their habits. Indulging cats in any other task probably their favorite one like playing, eating or going outside can help in reducing of the scratching of different things.

cats behaviour

  • Keep things inaccessible

Majority of the cats are found in love with scratching of certain specific objects like sofas or other such things. When you once get familiar to those objects which your cat loves to scratch then make those things out of the range of him. This will initially irritate your cat but afterwards she will forget the scratching of those objects. It is an effective step towards the prevention of scratching habit of your cat.

spraying cats

Be persistent and patient while learning how to prevent your cat from marking or scratching because every remedy and every suggestion will take time to make your cat a good one.

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