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sit dog training

Tips for obedience dog training

Obedience dog training is very important when it comes to the overall being of a dog. Without this obedience training, you will not be able to control your dog at all. Here we are going to point out some simplest ways to teach the basic obedience skills to your pooch. Follow them and you will soon have a very obedient dog under your supervision.

Basic obedience training skills:

There are so many dog training tips but some are very basic as well as necessary. Let’s have a look.

  • Sit

Sit training is a very easy skill in dog training tips. You should start to train your dog with this command. If he manages to learn this skill then it will be very easy to teach him other skills too. Here a very important tip to keep in mind is that; train dog to sit when the door bell rings. It is so because this tip will let your dog calm down every time when a stranger comes. Training of sit skill is very simple. You just need to stand in front to your dog and say SIT loudly. If your dog does not know then say SIT and do the entire action of sitting. Repeat it and soon your dog will observe and learn what to do when you say SIT. When your dog learns to do so, reward him with some treat. Cookies will be good enough.

sit dog training

  • Come

come training

COME command is also very useful when it comes to obedience training. For this purpose, stand at some distance from your dog and say COME loudly. If your dog does not react at this sound then do it again with your hand gesture. Soon your dog will learn what is supposed to do at this command. Whenever your dog responds at this command, praise him and reward with some treats like cookies. This way you can train dog to come on your illusion.

  • Stay

stay command

Stay command is regarded as the most difficult part of this obedience dog training.  It is difficult for both puppies as well as adult dogs to learn this skill. There are so many ways to teach STAY command to your dog but here we will tell you the simples tone. Restrict the dog’s area with the help of a very congested box or square. Whenever your dog tries to run, say STAY loudly and unable him to do out of the box. Repeat this method on frequent basis. Soon your dog will learn to do whatever you want him to do. He will learn to stay at this STAY command.

  • Run

run dog

RUN training is also very necessary for the well being of your dog. For this purpose, throw a ball at a distance from your dog and say RUN loudly along with your hand gesture towards the ball. Do it on frequent basis until your dog starts to run at your RUN command. Whenever the dog runs on your command, praise him. Give your dog with his favorite treat. Train dog to run is very crucial in obedience dog’s training.

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