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Kennel training

Tips for kennel training a puppy properly

Dogs are naturally den animals. If they are introduced wisely and correctly with a wire or plastic kennels, it will provide them a sense of security. Kennel training a puppy is very much important. They should be trained enough that they use kennel as a refuge when he wants to stay at some peaceful place.

House training of the puppy:

The house trained puppies are more comfortable with kennel as compared to others. House training of these puppies takes 10 to 14 days to get properly trained.

Always take a size of the dog and the kennel:

The kennel should be a size little more than your puppy. It must give him a place for sit and stand comfortably. He can stretch in it and must have enough room sleep in it as well. So, before buying a kennel for your puppy you must have the idea of his length and weight.

Making kennel training a pleasant experience for your puppy:

In order to avoid making the kennel training of your puppy as a bad experience for him what you need are few important steps that make him ready for this task. This can be done by yourself and you do not need a trainer for him. He is always more comfortable with you as compared to the other people.

Kennel training a puppy

  • Put a blanket or an old shirt in the kennel so that he can feel this place like a soft bed.
  • Never leave a puppy alone in the kennel when this is his first time or first experience. He must not be locked as well because in this way he will feel alone.
  • Put some kibble inside which attracts him. If he doesn’t go inside pick him up and softly leave him in the kennel and let the door open.
  • Once he spends some time in the kennel, pick him up and take him outside. Give him some words of appreciation.
  • Never shout or hit him while training because he will become aggressive with such attempts. Try to be patient with him and he will learn faster.
  • The practice of going in and out will make him comfortable with the kennel and he will be no more frightened with this new place.
  • Make this practice for 10 to 14 days and your puppy will be ready for the kennel.

Kennel training

These are few helpful tips that make your puppy really trained for the kennel. They need your time and love. So, be patient and start training today.

After practicing going in and out of the kennel on his own wish, he will no more be frightened and enjoy his new place. You can close the kennel for few minutes and gradually increase the time limit. This will help you if you want to carry your puppy during travelling or kennel training at night.

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