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remove thistles in dog fur

Thistles In Dog Fur, How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Dogs are not patient creatures; your dog might get into many different adventures during the daytime. Sometimes these adventures even prove messy or dangerous for him. Most of the dog owners have to train themselves in providing their dogs with the first aid at home but still there are some issues that seem difficult to treat at home, for instance if your dog gets thistles in his fur then removing those thistles seems nearly impossible. If you follow some simple steps then you can easily remove those thistles at home without any hurdle.

thistles in dog fur

How to remove dog-fur thistles at home?

While removing the thistles in dog fur, you need to keep these things in mind:

  • First of all you need to determine that how many thistles your dog has gotten into his fur. If your dog has thistles in his fur then you must get them out as soon as you can because letting these thistle s stay in the fur for too long can prove harmful for your dog.
  • If you detect few thistles in your dog’s fur coat then you can easily remove them with stainless steel comb or with the help of a brush. But you must keep in mind not to use soft brush.

remove thistles in dog fur

  • If brushing is not working then you can first use the scissors so you can separate them a little from the hair roots or dog’s skin and then you can remove them by using the brush or comb. But you must use the scissor in a very careful way.
  • If you are not able to remove the thistles with brush then you can apply a little fur conditioner on the dog’s fur and easily remove the thistles.
  • If fur conditioner is not within reach then you can also apply some detangling spray or vegetable oil. The whole point is to make the dog’s fur soft so the thistles can come off easily.
  • If you have used fur conditioner, detangling spray or vegetable oil then you need to bath your little doggy in order to make his fur clean again. You can bath him by using a normal pH shampoo or you can also use de-greasing shampoo. After bathing your dog with a shampoo, you need to apply a crème conditioner and comb the fur of your dog’s coat. After you have brushed the fur, you need to check the pads of your dog’s feet for any of the thistles.
  • You must keep in mind that thistles can attach themselves in any hidden corner of your dog’s body so you also need to check the ears, genital area and even the armpits of your dog.
  • While removing the thistles from the dog’s fur, dog owners must wear gloves in order to protect their hands from any sort of harm. If your dog loves to spend time in the green areas then you must try to trim his fur to the shorter length possible. Keeping your dog’s fur short will help you detect the thistles in an easy way.

Removing thistles from the dog’s fur is a time taking task but you need to repeat this task on almost routine basis as the abundance of thistles in the dog’s fur can be irritating for both you and the dog.

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