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Dog Opening The Girl’s Bra

This Dog Is Opening The Girl’s Bra, What Does He Do After He Failed?

Linda was lying on her bed when suddenly her dog Snowy pounced on her and started wrestling with her bra. At first Linda tried to resist but the whole scenario was so cute that she was not able to resist the temptation for so long.  Little Snowy started stretching the strings of her bra and Linda started enjoying the tugging and pulling of her bra by her little doggy.

After all the tugging and pulling when Snowy failed in taking off the bra from Linda’s body, it turned and started sniffing between Linda’s legs. Linda’s cat dusky was standing at a little distance, watching the entire scene with amusing expressions. Although Dusky didn’t like Linda’s bra to be attacked by Snowy but as Linda was enjoying the entire action, Dusky kept quiet and just watched.

When Snowy was stretching the bra-ribbons with quite force, it fell off Linda and got frustrated. So Linda herself handed her bra-ribbons to the Snowy; in fact she thrusted the ribbons inside the Snowy’s mouth. The cutest part of this video is when Linda tried to stretch away her bra-strings from the Snowy’s mouth and Snowy hung onto them with extreme determination.

Dog Opening The Girl’s Bra

At the end when fluffy, white Snowy was not able to take off the bra, it jumped off Linda and ran towards her drear. Snowy hid between her legs and started sniffing and snuggling. At first Linda remained calm but then she started feeling the tickle so as a result she pushed Snowy away from her legs.

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