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dogs with most instagram followers

These 12 Dogs Have More Instagram Followers Than You!

Have you ever heard about celebrities? Yep you are right! We are talking about those important people who remain in spotlight throughout the year. People love to know every latest happening about these celebrities. But have you ever heard about celebrity dogs? No! Then just a look at these 12 dogs with most instagram followers than you and you are definitely going to fall in love with these celebrities. These celebrity dogs are truly more famous than any other human celebrity.

  1. Nacho

Nacho is the famous dog from Boston. This bulldog is basically French and he has a whole calendar based on him. It has 93.5k Instagram followers.

dogs with most instagram followers

  1. Charlie

This cutie pie tends to upload some cameos of him on the pug pal. Due to his adorable cameos, he has a high number of followers. It has 20.4k Instagram followers.


  1. Sir Harvard Dangerfield

This fluffy, 12 year dog is very famous due to his therapy skills. Belonging to Wayland, this dog is around 62% according to his personal website. It has 19.8k Instagram followers.

Harvard Dangerfield

  1. Sophie

If you take one look at Sophie, you are definitely going to drool over the beauty of this little doggy. Being a celebrity, she rarely gets the time to meet the common people but recently she socialized with some fans in Boston. Currently she dwells in the Peninsula. It has 18.3k Instagram followers.


  1. Maggie

A Cairn terrier belonging to the Massachusetts, Maggie is one of the sweetest thing on the social media. Due to its adorable and unique get ups, its receiving more than thousand followers at the time. It has 9,811 Instagram followers.


  1. Brandy and Moose

This cute duo is also getting a lot of attention on internet. A colorful bland of Bernese mountain dog and a lab mix dog, Moose and Brandy look truly great together. It has 8,250 Instagram followers.

Brandy and Moose

  1. Fergus

Fergus or Fergulicious has a great interest in ball games but he truly loves it when his mom is playing with him. It has 2,881 Instagram followers.


  1. Ueli

A shepherd basically belonging to the Berger Blanc Sussie breed, Ueli originated from Switzerland. Due to the fact that Ueli belongs to a very rare breed, he gets lot of attention on social media. It has 2,611 Instagram followers.


  1. Rosie

Rosie is a bulldog and just at the age of 2 years, he is extremely famous on the social media. Rosie loves to hop around on the stunning landscapes of South Shore and upload his pictures. It has 1,924 Instagram followers.


  1. Theo

This cutie, nutty and fluffy piece of wool is the most amazing creature on social media. Widely loved by its followers due to it toy-like looks, Theo loves to pose for his pictures on various locations around the city. It has 1,637 Instagram followers.


  1. Abby

This 13 year old doggy belongs to the Corgi breed and is enjoying the life of a princess. She is extremely loved and cared-for by her family.  She is leading a very rich and relaxed life. It has 1,247 Instagram followers.


  1. Kobe and Maya

Kobe belongs to Shiba Inu breed while his sister, Maya belongs to the Maltipoo breed.

Maya and Kobe

Not only are they loved by the followers on social media but they are also loved and adored by the common people when they are wandering around the city. It has 995 Instagram followers.

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