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trap an eagle

The Best Technique To Trap an Eagle

First of all dig a hole according to your size. Now put some grass in the bottom of the hole and just lay down in the damp sand. Now put some layer of the grass too on the top of your body to cover it. Put something under your head to rest on. Don`t cover your face and hands with the grass. Now cover the grass area with sand so that you can hide yourself completely. All evidence of your digging must be smooth over.

Next we will need the pigeon. Pigeon has strings tied to his legs. By letting the strings in and out, you can hold the pigeon. Now put a bush of grass on your head to cover it. Your human bird trap is all ready for action. Don`t let bird to see the bait. Now when the pigeon will flap, the eagle will think that he is injured and hence will be an easy meal to eat. Now the eagle comes to attack the pigeon. The pigeon is on hunt.

The eagle tries to scares him first by just hitting him on his wings. And at last he comes to attack him. Just he starts to kill him. The human traps him from his legs. Now relieve the strings of the pigeon. The eagle don`t know what`s going until he sees the human. Now she will begin to flap hardly. But you have to hold the eagle tightly but friendly. It`s the most difficult part to handle a scared eagle. But you don`t have to leave her. Then the head thing comes on. Your next step will be to cover his face to overcome his fear. This is the easy way to trap an eagle.

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