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Eclampsia symptoms in dogs and treatment

Eclampsia treatment

Milk fever is a very dangerous disease present in most of the dogs. It is also known as eclampsia or puerperal tetany. Milk fever in dogs occurs in dogs because of low level of blood calcium. When the level of blood calcium is low in dogs then this problem occurs. …

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Symptoms of parvo in dogs & diagnosing them

parvo in dogs

To avoid Parvo among dogs, they should be vaccinated for parvo at the age of 6 weeks, then at the age of 10 weeks and then finally at the age of 14 weeks. Later on, the annually vaccination should be done to dogs to avoid parvo. These three vaccinations are …

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Dealing canine distemper virus in dogs


Distemper also known by the name of Canine Distemper is a very dangerous virus. This virus attacks the respiratory, central nervous and gastrointestinal system of the dog. This virus also attacks the membranes, especially the conjunctival membranes of the dog’s eyes. If you are the owner of a dog then …

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Dog allergies that affect pets health

common dog allergies

Most of the vets say that the dog owners use to come in order to treat their dog of some allergies. Dog allergies itching is a very common problem in majority of the dogs. These dog allergies can even make the dog’s life miserable in many cases. You don’t pay …

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