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Know About Helpful Bird Feeding Tips

bird feeding

Every species of birds differ from each other and needs the right way of feeding birds properly. There are different styles of bird feeding for every individual species of the birds. You can get some important and helpful feeding tips here.                 The …

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How much cat food per day? A must to know fact!

how much cat food per day

There are many factors on which the feeding of cat is dependent, for example these following factors are considerable while maintaining the schedule for how much cat food per day: Age The age of cat is a very important factor. If it’s a kitten then obviously the amount of feed …

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Learn how to care for newborn birds?

how to care for newborn birds

Newly born baby birds seem like the most adorable creatures in the world. Like every other mother, mother bird tends to care too much for her little ones. But accidents do happen and accidently one of her baby can fall out of the nest. Many times we get the chance …

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4rth Me-O Wonder Cat show 2015 will be held in Karachi!

Me-O Wonder cat show

Egyptian Demi-gods are soon making a strong appearance in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachites are going to encounter a large number of stunning cats in the most memorable event of the year 2015. Showing soon in Maritime Museum Karsaz on the 6th of December, Me-O Wonder cat show 2015 is going to …

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How to get my cat eat cat raw food diet?

cat raw food diet

There are two groups of people who have contradicting views regarding cat diet. First group thinks that cat diet must be available in a packed form so it will be free from any sort of dirt, germs or bacteria. This group thinks that marketed or canned cat food is best …

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Important tips on what can cats eat besides cat food

fish recipe

Cats due to their extra friendly qualities are treated just like the member of the family. Most of the cat owners are very possessive about the diet of their cat. In order to provide their cat with the best, the cat owners try to provide their cats with healthy homemade …

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Homemade cat food is good or bad?

homemade cat food

Cats seem like the most fun creatures on the earth. Cats have mysterious characteristics and friendly nature that’s why they are regarded as the most desirable pet. But keeping cat as a pet is not an easy task as cats are really moody and touchy about their lifestyles. Every cat …

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Hazards of homemade dog food

Hazards of homemade dog food

Almost every dog owner is very concerned about the quality of the food that he provides to his dog. Some of the dog owners are of the opinion that providing ready-made dog food is beneficial for the dogs as it possesses all the required nutrients in the correct amount. But …

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Starting Your Puppy With Adult Dog Food

puppy with adult dog food

Taking care of a puppy is similar to taking care of a human baby. You need to make sure that all sorts of nutritional needs of your dogs are fulfilled. Every dog owner tends to provide it’s dog with best dog food in the world but the problem is that …

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