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Most Demanded Small Puppies For Sale

Bichon Frise

When it comes to getting a puppy, everybody concentrates on the breeds. Most of the people possess a great love for the puppies of large breed while others tend to go for puppies belonging to small breed. If you are one of those people who tend to often search for …

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What birthday gifts for dogs you should choose?

birthday gifts for dogs

Everybody loves to celebrate birthdays, whether it’s a pet or a child. Great thing about having a birthday celebration are the loads of gifts and a yummy birthday cake that are going to remain in your memories forever. So, if you are planning a birthday celebration for your darling pup …

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Eclampsia symptoms in dogs and treatment

Eclampsia treatment

Milk fever is a very dangerous disease present in most of the dogs. It is also known as eclampsia or puerperal tetany. Milk fever in dogs occurs in dogs because of low level of blood calcium. When the level of blood calcium is low in dogs then this problem occurs. …

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Tips to keeping well groomed dogs

well groomed dogs

Just keeping a dog inside your house is not enough. If you want to keep a dog then you must realize that keeping a dog is a huge responsibility because you have to take care of his health, his diet, his exercise, his vaccinations and his grooming. Dogs are such …

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How to clean dogs ears yourself?

clean dogs ears

Keeping your dog healthy takes lot of effort and lots of dedication. If you want to keep your dog healthy then must keep it clean otherwise your dog will fall prey to thousands of deadly diseases. Cleaning process involves trimming your dog’s hair, nail, bathing your dog and brushing his …

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The danger of poisonous weeds for dogs

dog weeds

Dogs are very friendly and loyal creatures. If you have a dog in your home then you don’t need to worry about you and your family’s security. You can leave your house alone with your dog and you can also sleep soundly at night because your dog is going to …

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Making Egg And Potato Diet For Dogs At Home

Egg and potato diet for dogs

Egg and potato diet for dogs is a very healthy diet for your pet dog and is followed by the majority of dog owners. As both egg and potato are very rich in healthy element, you can give these two to your pooch for sure. Your dog will totally fall …

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Chicken and Rice – A healthy diet for pets

Chicken and rice diet for dogs

Same like human beings, pets also need some very healthy and tasty food items. You should try to provide them with different unique and healthy suggested food items from your own food menu. A healthy diet for pets can include so many food items but rice and chicken are the …

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