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parvo in dogs

Symptoms of parvo in dogs & diagnosing them

To avoid Parvo among dogs, they should be vaccinated for parvo at the age of 6 weeks, then at the age of 10 weeks and then finally at the age of 14 weeks. Later on, the annually vaccination should be done to dogs to avoid parvo. These three vaccinations are necessary to make sure that the vaccination is taking its hold. Here we are going to discuss some symptoms of parvo in dogs which will help you to take care of your pet properly. One thing should be kept in mind that there is no treatment for parvo. That is why it is necessary to do regular vaccinations for your pet. It is possible for one form of parvo to pass through the placenta of the mother and infect a fetus before it is born.

Parvo symptoms in dogs:

The severity of parvo symptoms is basically related to the extent of the disease and exposure. Only mild exposure in some dogs show or some kennel can be resulted in mild types of symptoms. The symptoms of parvovirus b19 are very severe among puppies. The dogs and puppies get severe fever, lack of food and appetite in this situation. And there is vomiting in severe cases too. Diarrhea also happens in some dogs when they have Parvo. This results in severe dehydration. The stool becomes yellow and foul smelling. It can also be bloody.

1. The dehydration can cause shock in dogs and puppies

2. Many puppies do not survive when these symptoms found in them because there is a lack of red blood cells count found in them.

3. Some of the dogs get ulceration of the intestine. It leaves the puppies and dogs to a bacterial infection.

4. The virus can attack the heart of dog as well. There will be heart failure in them. Some of the dogs and puppies get hookworms because of this disease.

parvo in dogs

How to diagnose Parvo symptoms?

If the symptoms of parvo are observed in the dogs and puppies, they should be immediately taken to the vet. The treatment should be given as soon as possible. There is a stool test that must be done to find out the disease details. The vet will surely go for a check of white blood cell counts in the dog. Parvo can be proved through a stool test also.

There is no proper treatment of parvovirus in dogs and puppies but timely vaccinations. Also just a supportive care can be given them to survive. There is a medication for vomiting and Diarrhea. There is a de-worming treatment that can be done to them. There are number of home remedies that can be done to avoid this disease.

parvo in dogs

A great diet is good for the health of the dogs. Vaccinations should be done properly to avoid Parvo in dogs. This is the best possible way to save them.

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