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kitten rescue

Super Hero Cat Saves The Life Of A Homeless Cat!

Claire was dying from constant starvation and weakness when she suddenly got rescued by another cat. Many times you might have heard about various pets getting rescued by humans but have you ever heard about any cat getting rescued by another cat.

kitten rescue

Claire is one lucky cat who got rescued by another cat Sniff, when she was dying on the streets due to continuous hunger.

recued cat


Mrs. Kruger led a widowed life for 16 long years since the death of her beloved husband George. Right after the death of her husband, Mrs. Kruger lost every hope and every interest in her life.  After her husband’s death, she stopped seeing everybody and kind of locked herself inside her house.

cat kitten rescue

In such an instance, her closest friend Linda came to her rescue and gifted her with a cute fluffy cat. This cute cat was called Sniff and as soon it entered Mrs. Kruger’s life; she felt everything coming back to normal.

rescuing kittens

Many years passed by and Mrs. Kruger led a happy and active life with Sniff. Few months back, Sniff was wandering near her house when it saw another cat in a really weak and near-death condition.

pet rescue

Sniff instantly decided to have that cat rescued. It went to Mrs. Kruger and started pulling her skirt. Mrs. Kruger felt that Sniff wanted her to see something. Upon discovering the other cat, she picked it up in her arms and brought it back to her home.

cat for adoption


She named the cat Claire and started attending to its medical needs. The cat was very weak so she took it to a vet and properly attended to its diet.

save cat life

She provided the cat with special homemade diet that was rich in proteins and water. Mrs. Kruger provided regular baths to Claire and kept her active with regular exercises.

cat adoption

Now just after the duration of six months, the cat is leading a healthy and happy life with Mrs. Kruger and Sniff.  Mrs. Kruger feels proud of Sniff, who has proved to be a super hero cat by saving the life of Claire.

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