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Sully Is Totally In Love With His Daddy

Sully Is Totally In Love With His Daddy!

OMG! This Saint Bernard dog is really in love with his daddy. The moment his dad returned home after a long and labored day at work, this dog jumped on his dad and pinned him to the bed. For two long minutes, this dog laid on the top of his dad and didn’t let his dad get up.

Sully Is Totally In Love With His Daddy

Sully, who is a cute and giant Saint Bernard dog, shares a strong love-bond with his Dad. Throughout the day, he longingly waits for the moment when his dad will return from work so Sully can hug him. Everyday dad has to spare sometime for his doggy Sully right after coming back home, so Sully can enjoy his time with his dad. Every day as soon as dad gets back home, Sully jumps with joy and hugs his dad by landing himself on the top of his dad.

After Sully is on the top of his dad, he keeps on panting and licking his dad to his heart’s content. Dad, on the other hand, also enjoys being hugged and licked by Sully. After he has received his share of love, dad tries to get up and leave the bed but Sully is never in mood to let his dad go so he keeps on lying on the top of his dad. This entire scenario is just super cute.

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  1. LOL, how sweet!

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