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Stylish Haircuts For Long Haired Cats

Cats which have long hairs need daily grooming and a regular haircut is required these long haired cats. Cat lovers will definitely want their cat to have a proper haircut to make it look more gorgeous as compared to the other cats. There are different types of haircuts for long haired cats available to make the cat look good. When you bring a long haired cat at home you have to spare sometime for its hair grooming because long haired cats’ beauty is its hairs which need to comb daily and hair cut after few days with in a hygiene environment.

Types of hair cuts:

There are different types and styles of haircuts which are listed below:

  • Comb cut
  • Lion cut
  • Belly shave cut
  • Hygiene cut

Comb cut:

Comb cut is one of the normal haircuts for cats. In this type of hair cut the hairs of the furry cat is given a trim of about 1 or 2 inches which does not change the actual look of the cat and help her to stay warm in the cold climate. During this hair cut hygiene level must be kept under consideration because many skin diseases can infect you or your cat as well so its better to have a haircut of your cat by a licensed groomer to avoid all this.

haircuts for long haired cats

Lion cut:

The lion haircut gives your cat a look of lion in which all the hairs are trimmed and shaved from the whole body except the hairs on the head and neck which give it a lion look. It’s very cool hair cut if your cat’s gender is male.

cat lion cut

Belly cut:

If you don’t want to have a full body hair cut then go for a belly cut in which only few parts of hairs are shaved to keep the cat’s hygiene level increased. In this type of haircut the hairs on the belly, beneath the tail, around anus and between the rear legs are removed. Beware of doing this hair cut by yourself because skin of the cat is very sensitive and as it is a cut for sensitive parts so it’s better have this trim by a professional.

belly haircut

Hygiene cut:

Hygiene cut is actually not about style but it is about function in which the hair near the cat’s anus are trimmed. This cut is done to avoid or to get rid of feces or litter clumps that may get stuck in the furry hairs. It is not good for the health of the cat as well as for the owner of the cat.

Hygiene cut haircut


As trimming or shaving hairs of a cat is a little bit difficult task because the cat skin is very sensitive and it’s not easy to handle a cat while trimming. So it’s better to take the help of a professional cat hair cutter. Try to have the haircut done by an expert who can do this safely under the hygiene environment to prevent different diseases that can occur just because of little ignorance.

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