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stop cats from peeing

Steps To Stop Cats From Peeing On Indoor Stuff

Being a caring cat owner you need to keep a regular eye on your cat’s activities and habits. If your cat urinates outside its litter box on house stuff then the main reason behind that would be maybe your cat is going through some health problems. The problems could be the bladder infection or diabetes. To stop cats from peeing you need to encounter the reason as soon as possible.

Here are the steps and diy home remedies to be followed to stop your cat from urinating in your living room or carpet.

The things you will need to make home remedy are:

  • Large plastic bin
  • Enzymatic cleaner
  • Aluminium foil
  • Baking soda/unscented soap

Clean the litter box regularly:

Clean the litter box daily and empty it completely once every week. At the end of the week when you have to empty the litter box wash it off with the help of baking soda or an unscented soap properly so that your cat may not stop using litter box due to the smell.

stop cats from peeing

Avoid over filling the litter box:

Try not to over fill the litter box because of the fact that over filling the litter box can cause your cat to look up for another place to pee on. Filling the litter box up to one or two inches would be ideal.

stop cats from peeing

Do not place cat food near litter box:

In this scenario cats are just like human being in nature as they do not want to eat food near the litter box or toilet if they use toilet. So, do not place the food or dishes near the litter box since your cats can not move the dishes but can go somewhere else in the house to pee.

cat peeing problems

Provide them much space:

Place more than one litter boxes at different areas of the house so that your cats can have much space to go to the bathroom. By placing more than one litter boxes your cat can reach up to their litter box from which ever part of the house they are in.

stop cats from peeing

Use enzymatic cleaner:

If accidently somehow your cat urinates somewhere in the house other than the litter box itself. Then try to clean that place with enzymatic cleaner as soon as possible. Because if your cat would smell pee in that place she will urinate again over there.

stop cats from peeing

Keep your cat away from the places they like to urinate:

Keep your cat way from the spots she likes to urinate. Because if in case your cat gets developed a habit of peeing somewhere outside the litter box then it can be difficult for you to stop the cat from doing so.

stop cats from peeing

Still your cat has some place to pee outside the litter box then cover that specific area of the house with the help of foil paper.

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