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smoke inhalation

Smoke Inhalation In Cats, Precautions & Treatment

Have you ever wondered what if your cat is trapped in a building set on fire? I admit the fact that we all have intense affection for our pets & it is impossible for us to even imagine our loved ones in such a suffocating situation. But we have to think over it and we need to figure this situation out for the betterment of our lovely pets.

smoke inhalation

The degree of harm that smoke inhalation causes to your cat is directly related to three things:

  • Time duration of exposure to smoke fumes
  • Degree of exposure to smoke fumes
  • The composition of items that caused smoke after burning

Usually smoke inhalation in cats is the result of being stranded in a places set on fire. When a cat is exposed to smoke for large interval of time, it starts to inhale carbon monoxide. This process of inhalation of fumes in return causes severe harm to its respiratory track, nose, sinuses, oropharynx, trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles & lungs tissues by damaging red blood cells. Inhalation of such fumes can result into severe respiratory tract infection, swelling of trachea, dry cough, constriction of lungs & eventually congestive heart failure, lungs dysfunction & pulmonary edema.

smoke inhalation

You can check if your cats are having a Smoky smell, Soot in the nasal passage, high respiratory rate, postural adaptations to maintain respiration, Reddish eyes, cough or vomiting. All these symptoms will help you out to figure out that your cat has inhaled smoke.

The suffering cat should be immediately taken to a nearby doctor. It should be provided with oxygen in order to provide her consistent breathing. Bronchodilators must be used in order to dilate the respiratory path. Intravenous fluids should be given to prevent dehydration. The cat should be nebulized to help her secretions flow out easily. Antibiotic eye drops should be given to the pet to settle down irritation and redness of eyes. The pet should be provided with artificial breath by ventilator if necessary.

To prevent these tragic incidents following are the precautions which we can take to protect our cats from these fatal incidents:

  • Do not allow your cat to enter your kitchen area
  • Make sure that it does not get trapped into corners or store rooms of your house
  • Take care that your cat does not poke into electrical & gas appliances such as ovens, microwave .ovens, dishwashers, washing machines & heaters
  • Strictly monitor your cat and do not let it sit under electric or gas geysers
  • Do not let her roam near gas pipes as they might leak out
  • In case of any emergency immediately take your pet to its doctor

I am sure now all of us are well aware of the deadly results of smoke inhalation in cats.  Now we are well equipped with knowledge in order to deal with such a situation if it ever happens to a cat. I am sure this information will help us make our pets safe from the deadly smoke fumes inhalation.

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  1. There’s another kind of smoke that’s also very hazardous to your pet and often unnoticed until they become sick…it’s the toxic fumes from commercial candles. The Purrington Post did an article on it recently and featured us.

    Well worth a read especially if you have pets and are a regular user of candles (as I was once).

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