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How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard

Simple Guide On How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard

Most of the people blame cats for the destruction of their beautiful yard. The question how to keep cats out of your yard comes to the mind of many angry house owners who are not able to resolve the issue of cats ruining their yards. By following the below mentioned guidelines a person can easily keep the domestic or stray cats out of his yard.

  • The first option is to use the cat repellant. Most of the times, cats tend to use the yards as litter boxes. So in order to keep your yard clean from this type of trash you must use the cat repellant sprays. Cat repellants are going to prevent cats from entering your gardens or yards and if the cats have entered the yard then they are going to flee instantly from it. The cat repellant spray possesses the contents that make a cat feel like that predators are lingering nearby so it flees the area to seek refuge in a safer area. You can easily get these sprays from any nearby pet shop or make an online order from the feline accessory section of any pet website.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard

  • Cats hate to be touched by water, so showering water at the cat is another way of preventing it from entering the yard. Due to the advancement of technology, you can easily find many different types of cat repelling items in the market such as rotating sprinklers. These sprinklers tend to shower water in the surrounding areas in a circular motion. If you have the doubt of a cat entering a certain part of your yard then you can install this rotating sprinkler in the area. But if the area is flooded with stray cats then you need to install more than one rotating sprinkler so the entire yard can be protected from the cats.
  • Next you must keep in mind to remove all the cat attractions from the yard such as sand boxes for kids, bird baths or pet food carriers. Cats tend to search for these items so if these items are present in your yard then cats are going to visit these places again and again.
  • Recently ultrasonic devices to repel cats are also available in the market. These devices keep track of the cats entering your gardens or yards, and make the repelling sounds upon sensing a cat in the yard. The sound made by these devices is going to irritate the stray cats so they are instantly going to flee the yard.
  • There are different types of plants that also act as cat repellants as their smell irritates the cats. If you have tried all the other methods and have failed at repelling cats then planting these plants in your yards is definitely going to help. Plants such as pennyroyal, rue or lavender act as powerful cat repellants.

Other than the above mentioned techniques you can also use some household tips to repel cats such as using dried-blood as a fertilizer in the yard, stone mulch, or mothballs. You must bear it in mind that if you want to keep your yard hygienic and healthy then you must strive hard to keep the cats from treating it as their toilet.

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