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Selfie Addiction Snatches The Life Of An Innocent Baby Dolphin!

Selfie Addiction Snatches The Life Of An Innocent Baby Dolphin!

Technology has taken a toll over our lives. People are facing disastrous situations due to the affects of technology. Internet addiction, selfie addiction, porn addiction and social media addiction are some of the curses introduced by monster of information technology. These curses are not only limited to the human life but they have also started inflicting negative influence on the animal kingdom. Last week a baby dolphin faced this disastrous fate when the tourist taking selfies took its innocent life.

In this incident, the tourists at the beach pulled the baby dolphin out of the sea in order to pose for a selfie with the dolphin. The dolphin belonged to the endangered species of the dolphins called “Franciscana Dolphin”. A male tourist saw this baby dolphin lurking near the sea shore.

selfie craze took the life of a dolphin

He pulled it out of the water in to his hands. A nearby tourist started filming the whole scene with a video camera. The man with the dolphin carried the dolphin in his arms towards the dry are of the sea where his kids were playing. For five to ten minutes, the dolphin was left lying on the dry beach area, without water, receiving pats from the kids.

selfie addiction

These dolphins are very rare and can only be found on the shores of South America. The baby dolphin died from the effects of Hypothermia. Due to the reason that the dolphin was snatched out from the water, it suffered from dehydration and its body temperature elevated to a dangerous level.

baby dolphin dies

The recent death of baby dolphin is not the first time where a selfie has caused the death of an animal. Recently in china, tourist taking selfies caused the death of two peacocks. Although both of these deaths were unintentional but they occurred at the cost of a common selfie.

baby dolphin dies by tourists

So here we must emphasize on the need to think about the consequences of our actions before taking the first step. Last but not the least, we must advocate the animal rights as they are the ones who deserve our love and our voice on their rights.

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  2. That is so sad n disgusting! I hope these people are charged with the baby dolphins murder n I hope this never happens again!!! R.IP. Baby dolphin!!!!!

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