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Seizure In Dogs

Seizure In Dogs: Indications & Causes

Many of the dogs are prone to seizure which is considered as the common and infectious disease of dogs. It is important to treat seizure properly so that you can save your dog from getting weak, physically retarded and sometime prevent him from getting dead. So, try to pay attention to the various disorders in your dog to avoid any evil disaster with his life.


It is important to pay attention to the following indications in your dog which can sometimes be the sign of seizure in dogs.

  • Several Jerking

If your dog is having several jerking then you should be attentive towards him as this is the most important indication of the seizure in dogs.

  • Rapid contraction of muscles

The dogs can suffer from rapid contractions of muscle when they are having seizure at the initial stage. Owing to the similarity of seizure and epilepsy there are many indications which are similar to each other as well.

  • Unconscious state of mind and body

The dogs can go unconscious when they are having seizure. It is a common and important indication of the disease in the dogs.

Seizure In Dogs

  • Hurting the tongue

One of the important signs of the disease is the hurting of tongue by chewing it under the teeth with force. The dogs might cut the tongue at various places when they are having the disease.

  • Getting blind

The dogs might suffer from blindness at various times of the day during seizure attack. This can prevent them from observing different objects and distinguishing the colors also.

  • Sudden collapse

The dogs might get sudden collapsed when the seizure attack trigger in the dog. It can induce many different injuries in the dogs also.

Reasons behind the seizure in dogs:

There are different things and actions which can induce seizure infection in the dogs however the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Abnormality in liver functioning

The inability of the liver to work properly can cause the collapsing, jerking and unconscious state of mind and body in the dogs. The increased size of the liver can also induce the disease in the body of the dog.

  • Kidney failure

The kidney failures in the body or the improper functioning of the kidney to purify the blood are also the important reasons behind the disease.

  • Low hemoglobin level

The disturbed level of hemoglobin in the body is an important reason for the seizure in the body of the affected dog.

Low hemoglobin level

  • Accident and injuries

Sometimes the accidents and injuries might happen which can disturb the internal system of the body in the way that any of the body organs can stop working effectively. This is an important step towards the disease in the dogs.

  • Different types of strokes

Different strokes in the body of the dog can induce the germs of the infectious disease in the dog as the strokes weaken the resistance in the body and allow the germs to strengthen their power inside the dog’s body easily.

If you find these indications and causes in your dog’s body or behavior, immediately consult your vet to rig of this disease in the best possible ways.

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