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smoking bad for pets

Second Hand Smoking Bad For Pets, Research Shows

A bad news for the smokers owes to be the harmful effects of smoking at the pets. According to a new research it has been defined that the smoking is not only injurious for the person himself but also for the pets who live at the home of the smoker. Pets especially the cats and the dogs who accompany the humans all the time at the home are known to be affected badly by the smoke and other harmful components present in the cigarettes or other such material. Second hand smoking bad for pets puts terrible impacts not only physically but also mentally at the pets.

Out of the various harmful effects at the pets that get exposed to smoking some of the common but important effects are the cancerous cell development, rapid weight gain and gene abnormalities. The dogs and cats may also get affected by the smoking at the public places. A research headed at the University of Glasgow has released the statement that dogs and cats that live in smoky environment are prone to various abnormalities and health issues more than those who live in healthy and hygienic environment.

smoking bad for pets

Experimentation has released very shocking results about the health hazards to pets that are exposed to second hand smoking. The cancerous effects of smoking can be passed to their next generations as well. So, there is the need of keeping the pets away from smoking at homes and public places both so that they can remain healthy properly.

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