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dog pregnancy symptoms

Realizing Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Having puppies in your home seems like the most fun phase of your life. Every dog owner dreams of having puppies in his home. Getting pregnant is as natural among dogs as in human beings but most of the dog owners are confused about the pregnancy symptoms of their dogs. The pregnancy term of a dog lasts for almost 63 days. These 63 days are divided into three trimesters just like human beings. With each trimester consisting of almost 21 days, the pregnancy term of every dog is calculated from the day she ovulates. If you doubt that your dog is pregnant but you don’t know for sure then here are some of the dog pregnancy symptoms that are going to help you reach a definite point.

Initial signs:

The very initial signs of pregnancy that your dog is going to show would be the weight gain and lack of appetite. In the first few weeks your dog is going to feel severe form of nausea, some of the dogs throw up but some don’t. It usually depends on the physical condition of the dog. This nausea and vomiting is caused due to the increasing level of hormones in the body. Other than nausea, weight gain and lack of appetite, your dog is not going to show any obvious signs.

When to see a vet?

The moment you suspect that your dog is pregnant, you must take your dog to see a vet. Other than that, you must take your dog for regular checkups to the vet almost every two to three weeks after mating.

dog pregnancy symptoms

Prenatal checkup is necessary for your dog as there are a lot of things that owners don’t know about the pregnancy of their dogs. If you have any issues or unanswered questions regarding the pregnancy diet or treatments of your dog then you can also have them answered by the vet. If your dog needs any tests or medicines then the vet will recommend them. Your dog’s vet will also provide you with a complete dog diet chart regarding the dietary needs of your dog during the pregnancy.

Clear signs:

By the end of 4th week of your dog’s pregnancy, you are going to see the clear signs of pregnancy. You dog’s belly will increase in size and an expert vet can easily identify the number of babies by touching the belly in a careful manner. It is not safe to touch the dog’s belly by yourself because it can cause serious damage to the unborn puppies.

Second trimester:

The end of second trimester will reveal crystal-clear symptoms. The belly and breasts of your dog are going to enlarge. The nipples are going to get large and dark and as the date of delivery will come closer, a white milky substance may drip out.

Third trimester:


Your dog’s vet will schedule an X-ray for the start of third semester i.e. 45th day of pregnancy. This X-ray is administered in order to find out the bone growth of the unborn babies. During the last two weeks you are going to see and feel the clear movements of the unborn puppies inside your dog’s belly.

By knowing the above mentioned signs of pregnancy in your dog, you will have to be very careful regarding your dog’s diet and health needs.

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