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Hope for Paws

Pit Bull Family Rescued By Hope For Paws: Mother And Babies Doing Fine

A Los Angeles-based animal rescue service called Hope for Paws is owned by a man and his wife who have dedicated themselves to rescuing abused, neglected, and mistreated animals. They recently made a rescue and were rewarded with doggy gratitude.

Pit Bull Family Rescued By Hope For Paws

They were called out to pick up a mama pit bull and her babies. The mama dog was nervous and afraid, but after a few moments, they were able, with the help of neighbors, to corner the dog and gently placed a leash around her neck. She responded well to their loving touches and never made aggressive moves toward anyone.

Hope for Paws

They found the puppies lying in the dirt over in a corner of the lot. They picked up four fat little puppies, but the fifth one was already dead. The mama and her babies were placed in a van and taken to a veterinary where they were bathed and fed. Then the mama dog walked over to one of the workers and put her paw on the woman’s knee and looked pleadingly into her face. They knew something was amiss, so began checking her over.

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X-rays showed a pop bottle cap in the dog’s stomach. Not wanting to do surgery on a nursing mother, they instead induced vomiting, which brought up the bottle cap. Mother and babies are doing well and looking for a loving forever home.

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