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Penguin Never Forgets To Show Up After Every Four Months To Show Its Gratitude To Joao!

Good deeds always receive true gratitude. Once you view this video, you are going to be amazed at the beauty of love between a human being and a penguin. Belonging to the coast of South East Brazil, this love story involving a penguin and an old-aged Brazilian is just beyond imagination. This story basically revolves around the penguin called Jinjing, who covers the swimming area of around  5000 miles just to spend some time with his life-saver, a 71 years old Joao Pereira de Souza.

This Magellanic penguin swims away into the ocean and disappears for almost four months but then it re-appears after every four months with complete punctuality in order to meet with Joao. Whenever this penguin re-appears, it spends around 10 to 15 days with its beloved savior. The chemistry and love-bond between the penguin and Joao is extremely strong.


Joao discovered Jinjing in the 2011 when the penguin touched the shore in almost dead condition. The penguin was totally soaked in oil and was fighting for its life, lying in front of Joao’s chateau. Joao not only provided food to penguin in the form of Sardines but he also nursed it back to health by providing it with necessary medical attention. Joao also provided a shady and dry resting spot to Jinjing. Since then, Jinjing returns after every four months to show its gratitude in the form of its pure love. Jinjing is not only in love with Joao but it also feels jealous if any other animal tries to get closer to its savior.

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