blood in cat urine

Curing Blood In Cat Urine

Inflammation of bladder or infection of bladder in cats is common but it usually doesn’t occur due to bacterial infestation. If we talk about the bacterial infections in bladder then it is rare in cats than in dogs. You are not going to see it in young cats but it …

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ineternal bleeding injection

Internal Bleeding In Cats, Causes & Treatment

Internal bleeding also known as Hemoperitoneum, can occur due to various reasons including any serious internal injury. If you possess a cat then its best to know about the health of your cat as much as you can in order to avoid any life threatening situation. The situation of Hemoperitoneum …

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dog holding bra

Today I Learned Wearing A Bra From My Dog!

This story is shared by one of our visitors and the image source is Google You might have heard about caring and helping pets but you might never heard about the pet that also teaches the humans to secure themselves against the insulting behavior and dangers of outer world. Meet …

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cats versus dogs

Cats Versus Dogs: How They Are Really Rivals?

Since the start of age we have always witnessed a great rivalry between cats and dogs. Whether you see it in real life, cartoons or movies; cats and dogs have always maintained a long-lasting relation of animosity between them.  Remember the Tom & Jerry cartoons? You might have seen and …

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dog training

Dog Training, Yoga For The Doggie Soul

Yoga is a perfect exercise for humans. Through yoga, many humans have achieved a healthy living style, mental peace and healthy bodies. But the thing that very few of the people know is that yoga also incurs very strong effects on dogs. The benefits of yoga for the doggie soul …

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talking cat

How A Talking Cat Could Demand Than A Normal Cat?

Thinking about this situation is quite amusing; nobody can say for clear what our cats will talk about if cats could talk. Even if we presume this impossible situation for a few minutes then there are a lot of things that we will get to hear from a talking cat. …

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Zodiac For Dogs

Zodiac For Dogs: What’s In The Stars For Your Pet?

Although most of the people won’t believe it but pet zodiac incur great effects on the personalities of our pets. Two pets from similar breed behave differently due to the difference in their zodiacs. If you possess a pet and don’t know what’s in the stars for your pet then …

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